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Lorean Cairns is the driving force behind Fox & Jane, a top-rated salon with multiple locations in NYC, San Diego and Brooklyn. She’s known for her flawless expertise, cutting edge skills, dramatic color changes and gorgeous cuts. Cairns aimed to open a salon where culture, hospitality and talent were equally important. If Fox & Jane’s reputation is any indication, mission accomplished!

Her favorite clients, she says, “are just real life people who I’ve made a little connection with or helped to feel good about themselves but it would be pretty amazing to work on a beauty Icon from history like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. I’d love to give them a modern look – style them for 2016 and have a photo shoot. I wonder if they would feel comfortable in current looks.” We asked about the East Coast vs. West Coast, and she says that her California girls always lean to being a little more blonde, and her New York fashionistas want to be a touch more sophisticated and subtle.

Cairns spoke to Beauty in the Bag about her insights into hot trends, new technologies, and more.

Here’s what she had to say:


1. How is Fox & Jane different from other salons?

There are a lot of amazing salons out there. Loads of talent in our industry! I think something that at times can be frustrating for both clients and stylists is that the culture of beauty can be a little cut throat. Clients can often feel intimidated when walking into high end salons, and stylists are encouraged to compete rather than being supportive of one another. With Fox & Jane, from the first stylist I hired, up to the most recent, we start this process by saying we are a team. We work together, encourage one another and are there to support when times get tough. This translates onto our guests as we truly care about the people who sit in our chairs, ensuring we follow up with them until we are certain they are satisfied. We are as warm and welcoming as we are talented and that is truly unique in the industry.

2. What on-the-horizon hair technology, technique or product are you most excited about right now?

Something that is exciting for me is that styling your hair is cool again! Last year tousled, undone hair was king. In 2016, we are dusting off our wands and curling irons and creating masterful glamour waves, soft editorial waves, and silk flat – ironed locks. This may not be revolutionary – but for us behind the chair, it is very satisfying!

Olaplex is one of the biggest new technology’s to hit the market in years. The basic premise is that Olaplex works as a bond multiplayer (restoring the bonds in your hair that are broken down by heat and/or chemicals.) It allows your colorist to push limits while maintaining the integrity of your hair. It’s an exciting new product that can be used with color or on it’s own to prevent or repair damage. We can’t say enough good things about Olaplex.

It seems like Social Medial Platforms such as Instagram, are giving clients instant access to all the top trends. Big beauty accounts such as Modern Salon and Main Addicts share top posts from key stylists in New York, London, LA, and beyond, giving users access to trends on a minute by minute base.

3. You’ve said that neon is an upcoming hair trend. Can less trendy (or mature) women pull off this look? If so, please explain how.

One of my favorite things about current beauty is just how independent and open it is to personal identity. If you feel inspired to dabble in a trend such as neon, but it may be out of character, start with doing just a few tips of your hair. Have your colorist balayage your hair, and paint the neon in just on a few ends to create something simple and playful with a pop. If you are unsure if this trend is for you – start small. Once you dive in, it can be a little tricky to remove. So be just a tad adventurous and see how you like it.

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