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In a category that tends to prize logos over craftsmanship, Lisa Hoffman is passionate about pioneering new ways to experience fragrance – creating products that are innovative and that boast a singular purpose. Her fragrances come in vial-size sets of different scents that can be mixed and matched as the mood suits. Her Variations concept features four varieties of a similar scent formulated to be worn during the Morning, Daytime, Evening or Bedtime.

Inspiration for creating the Lisa Hoffman Beauty collection comes from her life as a dedicated mother, entrepreneur and wife of actor Dustin Hoffman. Foremost to the cultivation of her line, is Lisa’s focus on perfumery education. What began as a childhood experimentation has led her on a quest to unlock the history and potential of fragrance. Read on to learn more about her inspiration and insights.


What were your inspirations to start LH Beauty and how did your family encourage you to pursue your dream of creating a lifestyle brand? 

The original concept for creating fragrances was inspired my travels. Navigating and living in remote environments and cultures opened my senses to extraordinary moments, which left an impression on me, like seeing a beautiful piece of art. The best way for me to share this was to translate those moments and impressions into fragrances and products that evoked the same feelings.

My family is my inspiration and support – their encouragement to pursue my dreams has meant everything to me. My husband has been especially supportive. Although, I think when he saw how much time it involved he began questioning whether it was such a good idea after all. Nevertheless, he is still my strongest supporter.

Tell us about your personal process from your idea to concept to packaging and on the shelf when designing a new range of products.

The products we create stem from something I feel is missing in the marketplace. When I have an idea for a new product, I share it with colleagues, friends and family; I can always tell by their reaction if I am on to something. As a mother, wife, and entrepreneur, I have an understanding of how women really live and try to create products with modern sensibility.

What product or range from the LH brand are you most proud of and why?

This is like asking a mother to choose between her children. I really am proud of all my products and love each of them at different times for different reasons. I can say that I get the most pleasure when women come up to me and tell me how much they love the way the fragrances make them feel.

As a parfumeur, what are your favorite notes and combinations? 

I love unexpected scent combinations because they feel more unique and individualized. Recently I was in Grasse, France and designed a cologne for my husband and sons that has pear as a top note with tobacco and wood base notes. It has an intriguing complexity. The tobacco and wood base notes are classic, masculine scents, but the addition of the pear added a fresh and unexpected twist that transformed the cologne into something modern but timeless. Fragrances that break the ‘rules’ and transcend perfume norms are some of my favorites.

Fragrance has a strong emotional impact on most women, and often evokes memories. What advice can you give us for choosing the right scent and wearing it well?

My best advice on choosing the right scent is to choose fragrances that express your individual style. I encourage women to blend, layer and experience scent in ‘your’ way. Also, learn about the perfume you are interested in; knowing the history behind certain notes and the way that they blossom over time can really enhance your emotional response to a particular fragrance.

You have mastered perfumery, bath and body collections and home fragrances, so what’s coming next for LH Beauty?

It’s a secret! But I can tell you that it’s an entirely new and unexpected way to experience fragrance. You will see it at the beginning of November on my website…so stay tuned.




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