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07-23-17 | Posted by

Lisa Cohorn has been working in the beauty industry for a very long time with such companies as Estée Lauder and Mary Kay where she helped develop lotions, lipsticks, fragrances, and foundations.

Since most everyone is on a quest to look as young as they can, she decided to create a product that not only works but that it made women feel good about themselves as well. As we get older, our skin cells don’t renew themselves as fast, and our skin becomes drier and duller. While doing her research, she found that most exfoliating products had acids, crystals, or sand which to some skin types could be quite irritating. She knew she had to develop a gentler exfoliator; she came up with the perfect patented formula, it’s a blend of cotton extracts and oils. The Soft Microdermabrasion Cream, which is free of microbeads the and BB Bloom Balm Oil Serum work together as a treatment to make your skin smooth and glowing.

Lisa sat down with BITB and talked to us about how her acne prone skin and having a minor case of rosacea inspired her to develop her own skincare line.


1. What inspired you to develop your own skin care line? And why should women buy it?
I have been in the beauty industry for 20+ years working in global product development for some of the industry’s top corporate beauty giants. I share that because I do have a love for the industry & a love for developing products that address real needs women have. I was inspired to develop my own line after unsuccessfully searching for an exfoliating product/method that wouldn’t irritate my skin. I have suffered from acne my whole life and as I have gotten older, I have developed a mild case of rosacea. I would go to the dermatologist and they would ask ‘why is your skin always so irritated?’ I would reply, ‘I’m exfoliating every couple of days to get rid of the dead skin’. I was using everything from a topical product to a device and in between all the ingredients and mechanisms, my skin stayed in a constant state of irritation. Long story short, I ‘harkened back’ to a family farm beauty recipe which I realized was the answer to my exfoliation quest. I had found a way to exfoliate my skin without any acids, enzymes, beads, crystals through a simple product that left my skin not only exfoliated but hydrated as well. From this, Camille Coton became a reality.

2. What’s your best seller and why?
The best seller in the Camille Coton line is our exfoliation kit, The Smooth, Erase, Reveal Kit™,  which consists of Step 1, the Soft Microdermabrasion Cream and Step 2, the Bloom Balm Oil Serum. Once people see actual results from the very first time they use it, they become loyal customers.

We continually receive very positive feedback on the feel and quality of both products in The Smooth, Erase set, including results from using the Bloom Balm to get relief from sunburn.

Here is a recent testimonial from a home-shopping skincare buyer. . . 

“I have been a Skincare Buyer for nearly 7 years, and let me tell you … I have tried hundreds and hundreds of products. Exfoliation has always been my favorite category. After trying the Soft Microdermabrasion Cream just once, I had an instant obsession! It was so different, and the formula so perfect! The product application is truly unique, and my skin ends up feeling more hydrated and bright (unlike the majority of other exfoliation products). I had an instant GLOW in my skin – my husband (who does not care about product) even commented on my skin! I vow to never use anything else but the Soft Microdermabrasion Cream – 5 STAR PRODUCT, BUYER APPROVED! ”

3. What do you foresee for the future of skincare and the Camille Coton line?
We will continue to focus on finding non-abrasive ways to treat your skin. Our new patent covers a new high-demand area of skincare that eliminates the need to use microbeads to be effective. The company is in the process of filing an additional U.S. patent application which extends the scope of the initial approved patent to include additional claims and possible ingredient use for chemical and physical exfoliant free skin formulations.

The new environmental restrictions on microbeads also position’s Camille Coton’s bead and acid-free formulations very well.

In addition, our proprietary and highly effective oil-float technology insures we don’t loose natures’ benefits from over processing & adding unnecessary emulsifiers to the formulation during manufacturing. Future products will use this proprietary process too. So many formulations in the marketplace have ‘unnecessary ingredients’ in them just to have them.

When you bundle all the above together, the future of skincare in the Camille Coton line can be endless.

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