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Although she initially thought she would pursue the corporate side of beauty, Kimara Ahnert’s professional plans changed when she took a post-college summer course in makeup artistry. A childhood love of doing makeup—inspired by her mother’s career as a doll artist—proved to still be a passion, and Kimara gave up her corporate dreams in favor of a career as a makeup artist. After gaining experience by working as an assistant to a makeup artist in New York City, she realized that she wanted to create a makeup studio where the ambiance greatly differed from the department store cosmetic counter—a goal that she achieved in 1997 with the opening of her makeup and skincare studio on Madison Avenue, Kimara Ahnert New York. Today, Kimara’s team of makeup artists and aestheticians are among the top experts in the industry, offering women the opportunity to look their best in a beautiful, fresh, effortless, and natural way.


How does your makeup collection differ from what else is on the shelves today?

My makeup collection differs from others on the shelves today, especially with my eye shadows. The Kimara Ahnert eye shadow collection includes a variety of matte and shimmer shadows, perfect for any season and occasion.

If I had to use one word to describe my makeup collection, it would be “options.” Many other branded lines have eye shadow palettes that are already combined with different shades. The problem with those palettes are that you actually only end up using one of the three or four shades included in the palette. We offer magnetic palettes, called the Kimara Ahnert Custom Eye Shadow Refill, which can be customized with your favorite shade or shades. We also offer a magnetic beauty box that can hold everything you need; including eye shadow, blush, bronzer, foundation and/or powder. Since the Kimara Ahnert Makeup Collection offers so many of these options, you only need a few staple beauty products to look great each day!

What does your own personal beauty regimen consist of?

My beauty routine has gotten quicker and easier, especially since I have become a mother. I have a five-year-old son, so it’s important that I speed up my beauty routine every morning. My look on-the-go always includes concealer under the eyes.

For my face, I use a few of the products in my makeup line; Kimara Ahnert Radiant Glow Tinted Foundation with SPF 30, Kimara Ahnert Mineral Bronzer on my cheekbones and the Kimara Ahnert Cremewear Blush in a pink shade.

For the crease of my eyes, I use the same Kimara Ahnert Mineral Bronzer that I use on my cheekbones; it’s a double-duty product! I then use a blue or white eyeliner pencil on the inside lower rim of my eyes. I finish off by using Dior Show Azure Blue mascara on my eyelashes.

For my lips, I like to use T. Le Clerc’s mini-sized lip glosses. I keep them everywhere, like in my purse, jackets and in the bathroom. They are great for on-the-go and provide the perfect pop of color!

Aside from my makeup routine, I think it’s important to keep my hair routine simple, as well. A friend of mine introduced me to the Denise Richards Volume Extend Collection by Cristophe and now I use the products every day! I like to use the Volumizing Spray at the root of my hair before blow drying to give my locks an instant boost.

What are the most common complaints/concerns you hear about from clients and what advice do you give them?

The most common complaint and concern that I hear from my clients is about their under eye circles. I always give the same advice: they must wear a good concealer to cover up those bags! I recommend crème concealers. Crème concealers can be applied easily by painting the under eye with a brush. After applying, lightly pat the concealer to blend with your finger tip or a damp sponge.

What is your beauty philosophy?

My beauty philosophy is that everyone looks better with makeup, but makeup does not have to look like it is painted on the face. Nowadays, makeup has become so obvious—everyone knows when someone has makeup on. It’s best to go with a more natural look.

What are your favorite looks/styles right now in makeup?

My favorite beauty trend at the moment is matte and I am so thrilled that matte makeup is back! I love the look of clean eyes in a matte shadow accented with a classic black/brown or charcoal liner. For a “wow” factor, apply false lashes. Some of my favorite false lashes are Vincent Longo La Dolce Vita Lash Tips. They look so natural and work well with any matte makeup look.

I also love the look of flawless matte skin with blush applied to the ball of the cheek finished with a matte lipstick in either a red or soft rose brown shade. These looks mimic classic, old Hollywood glamour. The matte makeup trend reminds me of how my grandmother looked, even when she went to the grocery store; classic and simple yet beautiful.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would be the one beauty product you’d have to have?

If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one product, it would be a tinted moisturizer with SPF. My favorite is the tinted moisturizer from my collection, Kimara Ahnert Mineral Tint SPF 20 Foundation. I have very fair skin and need SPF protection each day, so by using a tinted moisturizer with SPF, I hopefully would look as young leaving the deserted island as when I did when I arrived there!

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