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With offices in Manhattan, Long Island’s glamorous East End and Aspen, Colorado, Kenneth Mark, MD, caters to a very savvy sect. Many of his patients don’t want to look like they have had any work done, and most won’t tolerate anything, but minimal downtime. It is here that Mark works his magic, blending tried-and-true procedures like chemical peels with some of the newest non-invasive energy-based technologies to achieve natural results with limited recovery time. In addition to his private practice, Mark also serves as a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at New York University.

And he loves what he does and has no plans of slowing down. “What may be a small procedure can be so satisfying and create a new confident outlook for the patient. Try placing a value on that reaction. You can’t. It’s beyond rewarding.”

How do you define beauty?

Beauty comes from within, and surfaces as the sparkle in your eye. Everyone has that fabulous moment when they feel and look the best they can. It’s captivating. Whether it’s post procedure, a new cocktail dress or a euphoric heart-pounding ski-run. It’s a sense of confidence that radiates contentment and achievement.

How did you get started in the beauty business?

After my dermatology residency at New York University, I did a two-year fellowship in both Mohs skin cancer surgery/plastic facial reconstruction and all aspects of cosmetic dermatology including injectables, laser, and peels.

How much of what you do is reconstructive versus cosmetic?

About one third of my practice is Mohs/reconstructive and one third is cosmetic. The other third is skin cancer detection and I enjoy treating acne as well so I have a significant acne practice.

What is your signature surgery procedure?

Ultherapy. This device is the only federal Food and Drug Administration-approved non-surgical facelift for brows, jowls, and neck, and the results have been amazingly consistent with no downtime. Ultherapy tightens and lifts skin on the face, neck, and chest using ultrasound energy. The ultrasound stimulates the production of collagen in the deep support layers of the skin. Collagen, the main structural protein in skin, is responsible for the supple elastic qualities associated with youth, but its supply dwindles as we age.

What sets you apart from others in your space?

My level of precision, attention to detail, and knowledge of the anatomy is the perfect foundation for cosmetic expertise. I always want the best for my patients, constantly researching the latest technologies. This does not mean jumping on the newest bandwagon.

Speaking of the latest technologies, what are you most excited about today?

Ultherapy, Mixto fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing, and the very recently approved Neubelle radiofrequency. The latter is an alternative to Botox that offers immediate results that last longer than Botox. During this procedure, a probe is inserted into the skin and radiofrequency energy is applied to locate the target nerve. Once located, the RF energy blocks the nerve so it can no longer tell the muscle to contract. It is these contractions that are responsible for wrinkles.

Who is your beauty inspiration?

My mother who is truly naturally beautiful. She has no desire for plastic surgery and her friends and my patients see how good she looks and request the same treatments she does.

What is your treatment philosophy?

Communicate with the patient to customize treatments and strive for natural results. I customize what I do for each patient. Too many others treat every patient the same, ignoring the fact that we all look different to begin with and have different objectives.

What is your beauty mantra?

Do not over treat!

Tell us about your new Kenneth Mark MD (KMDD) antioxidant hydrating cream?

The key ingredient is Astaxanthin, which belongs to the carotenoid family. This is what gives flamingos and salmon their pink color. It is an antioxidant that is 100 to 1000 times more potent than vitamin E, which is more potent than citamin C. Of course, it also contains other usual antioxidants such as the vitamins C and E, lipoic acid, green tea, white tea, superoxide dismutase as well as vitamin A, and beta glucan, It is super light so it is perfect to apply under makeup or sunscreen, yet powerful.

You practice in Aspen, any thoughts on the oxygenation craze–from bars to recovery aides? Do  oxygen-based bars or recovery aides add anything?

The base of Aspen is 8,000 feet, and the top of the mountain 11,000 (12,000 if you hike the Highlands bowl), so the altitude is no joke! Yes, oxygen will help you feel better, recover, and acclimate if you are coming from sea level.

What charities do you support?

The Skin Cancer Foundation, The American Cancer Society, Honor Flight for Word War 2 Veterans, SYS (Southampton Youth Services), Southampton Hospital, Wounded Warriors, CTREE (Center for Therapeutic Riding of the East End), Southampton Animal Shelter, Susan Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer, Soup Kitchen Suffolk County, Amagansett Village Improvement Society, Southampton Police Benevolent Association, and Les Dames d’Aspen



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