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Romanian-born aesthetician Kat Rudu’s motto is simple, yet profound: “your beauty is my life.” When designing her specialty treatments and product line, Rudu combines old world European methods with modern techniques for bespoke beauty and wellness solutions. Her beauty lab is tucked away in the Beverly Hills office of facial plastic surgeon Jason Diamond, MD., and it is here that she caters to many of Hollywood’s elite. Rudu also offers a pure biotic skincare collection, including the Liquid Lift that generates a lot of buzz among A-listers. Beyond her product line and services, it’s Rudu’s philosophy that keeps people coming back.  “I believe when a woman’s skin is healthy and glows, she feels good about herself. It takes dedication, but it’s something every woman can have,” she says.

Rudu spoke to Beauty In The Bag about her bespoke facials, celebrity clientele, and favorite home beauty remedies.


Here’s what Rudu had to say:

Tell us about the origins of your biotic line of products?

I’ve always had a dream to create a line that feels like a soufflé and is free of fillers or synthetics. While growing up in Europe, I found so much inspiration from the Black Sea and wild flowers that surrounded me. I wanted my line to be reminiscent of this, to smell fresh and clean like an English garden.

One day, while on holiday with my inspirational husband Nic Neumann, I decided to pursue my dream and create my collection. I knew I would face some negativity, as there are millions of cosmetic and skincare lines in the world. But I also knew there would be so much positivity. Everyday, I am inspired by people like Tom Ford and Jil Sander who incorporated cosmetics into their collections. I believe everyone deserves to go after his or her dream. Now I get emails and posts by women thanking me for encouraging them to create their own brands.

My collection includes pure, biotic ingredients that give the skin what it needs to be dewy, vibrant, and bright. When making my Liquid Lift, I was inspired to feed the skin essential protein to keep it healthy. My products fit with every woman, lifestyle, and skin type.

What is the jet set facial and why is it so popular?

Everytime you come, I could add something new. From my first meeting, I learn about your skin and how it is reacting to certain ingredients and your lifestyle. Then, I add my French twist, incorporating my secrets. One visit I may use the derma roller with a hyaluronic acid serum; the next, I may incorporate a lifting treatment for your neck and jawline. And for a more natural treatment, I could massage your face for half an hour, contouring the muscles from the inside out for a lifted effect.

My Jet Set Facial includes everything from enzymes and chemical peels, to a warm milk mask for sensitive pregnant clients. It’s customizable, which is how skincare should be. Every woman is different and has her own set of needs. For all my clients, I put them on a regimen specific to their complexion and lifestyle.

What is it like working so closely with celebrities?

A lot of people may think that my celebrity clients are different from my other clients, but their concerns are the same. What is different is their lifestyle. Each and every one of them looks to have dewy skin, like the rest of us, but since they work such long hours and wear a great deal of makeup, they require additional hydration and oxygen infusion. Some of my celebrity clients are the nicest people I know.

What is your go-to, don’t-leave home without it product?

I always keep several bottles of Neutrogena tanning spray tucked away in my bathroom. In my purse, I always keep Cle de Peau concealer and my Liquid Lift.

Can you share a few favorite home remedies.

If you have puffy, tired eyes, give yourself a massage. Apply a bit of my Cucumber Cooling Eye Gel below your eyes, right above the cheekbones. Using your ring and middle finger, massage outward and up in a circular motion, pressing firmly around the eye. This is excellent for reducing puffiness and dark circles.

For dewiness and glow, it’s all about exfoliation. When your skin feels oily, congested or dull, exfoliate really well. Choose a scrub that contains natural ingredients, such as jojoba beads, and not plastic micro beads — these are polluting our environment!

A great home remedy is to pick up a bottle of natural witch hazel from Whole Foods. After exfoliating, drench a cotton pad and wipe your skin three times. This will help to pull out the sebum oil and close the pores, all while taking off any residue. And if you wake up with a pimple, use a spot of drying lotion and hydrocortisone cream to reduce redness and swelling.

How do you define beauty?

It’s simple: When a woman nourishes her body and takes care of herself, her true beauty shines.


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