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09-24-17 | Posted by

After being in the corporate healthcare industry for over 20 years, Karri Moehring also known as the microblading expert decided to reinvent herself and become a licensed esthetician. Karri is gifted when it comes to working on eyebrows; she works wonders with brows, no matter how easy the task is, it could be a brow wax, brow tinting or a microblading. She is meticulous with every person that she works with, and she listens to her clients’ needs. For anyone considering making an appointment with Karri, do it! You will not be disappointed

Karri sat down with BITB to discuss the latest trends, dangers of over-plucking and her advice to keeping eyebrows looking best for longer.


1. What are the dangers of over-plucking or tweezing and what is the worst thing we can do to shed unwanted hair?
The dangers are over-plucking, or tweezing are obvious! You’ll lose the style and shape of your natural brow, which is meant to highlight your face and accentuate your eyes! We have many clients who have spent their earlier years over-plucking, and we now see them in to have our signature microblading service done to correct it! It really is quite magnificent because it can take your tattered brows and make them fabulous again!
The worst thing you can do to shed unwanted hair is shaving! This indeed makes your stubble come back with a vengeance! At Dallas Beauty Lounge we recommend waxing every three weeks- whether it’s your bikini, legs, underarms, brows, etc. Your hair grows in cycles, and about every 3-4 weeks so this keeps your hair soft and growing back less and less each time!

2. Tell us which celebrity eyebrows are hot right now? What’s your most requested look?
Our fave celebs with great brows are Lilly Collins, Rita Ora, and Emma Watson. They all rock their natural brow shape with a little enhancement. All three have completely different brows, but they work for THEM! We can’t stress this enough at Dallas Beauty Lounge- we want our clients to leave with the eyebrows that fit their face. Not everyone can rock the Lilly Collins brows!

Our most requested look is a fuller darker version of whatever our clients are rockin’! We achieve this with our signature brow wax & tint or microblading. We also include complimentary brow makeup application with every wax & tint with Billion Dollar Brow products. They have a range of products that work with different brow styles and lifestyles, so it works for everyone to achieve a bolder brow!

3. What’s your advice on how to make waxing results last longer? What tools/products should every woman own to help this happen?
Waxing can be tricky- there’s no way to get it to last longer, but you can definitely go longer in between with a few tricks! For body waxing, it’s important to exfoliate regularly because it’ll keep the dead skin cells from blocking your hair regrowth. That can cause ingrown hairs too- no one wants that! If your brows are looking like they’re in need of a wax ASAP, try covering your strays with the Billion Dollar Brow Duo Pencil to conceal them!

Follow karri at @dallasbeauty_karri

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