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05-29-16 | Posted by

Joey Lauren first thought of Kissamint when she was still in college and calls it her ah-ha ‘MoMint’. She was getting ready to watch a movie and was looking for lip balm, only to realize that she had the after-taste of candy and had to get back up again to use some mouth wash. There and then her idea was born but it took a little while to make it happen. She graduated from the University Of Albany School Of Business with a focus in Marketing and Management, was at the New York Posts’ Page Six Magazine, launched an apparel company, Change the World Together, served on the creative team at RCA Music Group, was on the merchandising team at Louis Vuitton and starred on Bravo’s reality TV show, Princesses: Long Island.

After all of these experiences and valuable insight into the beauty and fashion industry, Joey founded Kissamint, the perfect combo of oral health and lip care.

Here, Joey’s answers to a few key questions from BITB:

1. What were the biggest challenges when developing your own line and how did you overcome them?
Every phase has challenges. Your learning legal, branding, networking and capital raising all at the same time while trying to run a company. I overcame these obstacles by looking at them as adventures, opening my heart and letting my passion guide me to the right people. Following my instinct even when I was poorly advised and gravitating to the do-er’s! I hope I’m always challenged, it’s what keeps my blood rushing with passion.

2. Your mom was a makeup artist. What’s the best beauty advice you learned from her?
She taught me that real beauty comes from your heart and shines through your eyes. Make up only highlights that shine. She taught me that the first primer is a good heart, next, that less is more and to highlight your best features (you have more than one so switch it up)! My favorite small make up trick was to place a little white shimmer powder under the arch of your eyebrow to give definition. I do that everyday!

3. Besides Kissamint, what are some of your favorite beauty products?
I love ERNO LASZLO Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask, the texture is something I’ve never felt before and my skins feels quenched after I use it. I also like Zoya nail polish, they have an unlimited color selection and the formula is buttery and doesn’t have harsh chemicals. I also get so many compliments on my Jo Malone perfume in peony & blush suede.

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