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10-04-20 | Posted by

Jillian Bridgette Cohen is a force to be reckoned with.

Throughout her 15 year career she has built her stellar reputation as an expert in the health and wellness space, in particular, everything you need to know about weight loss, bariatric surgery, endosurgery, gastroenterology, and related specialties.  Her rolodex reads like a Who’s Who in those specialties worldwide.

So, in May 2015, Jillian parlayed her experience running successful divisions of medical device brands into a unique startup venture  Virtual Health Partners, Inc.  Her ultimate goal was to create an ecosphere of wellness support that clients could reach out to from anywhere at anytime. VHP was born out of her passion and deep commitment to motivate and change social and physical environments, and to make health and wellbeing support accessible to everyone.

Through VHP she is redefining virtual healthcare by providing condition-specific live nutrition, lifestyle and fitness support. Offered exclusively through our network of partners including insurers and self-insured companies, hospital systems, and health product companies including fitness clubs, VHP’s unique model is fully customizable and scalable, and  provides their partners with a turnkey solution for clients for weight loss and weight loss procedures, metabolic syndrome, oncology, women’s health, digestive diseases, cardiac rehab, preventive medicine, plastic surgery and general wellness. Her xompany is now on the forefront of virtual care and uniquely positioned to address the rising demand and challenges that all of us face from the coronavirus pandemic.

Jillian received her Bachelor of Science from Rutgers University Business School, and serves as CEO of her company with a robust team of like-minded experts in health and wellness. Her roster of clients range across all aspects of healthcare, from insurance companies to hospitals, medical centers, medical device brands, employers, health systems, pharmacies, and a wide range of wellness products.

Learn more  https://virtualhealthpartners.com 


How is Virtual Health Partners is changing the landscape for women seeking digital health solutions?

My need for VHP is a personal one, as a woman, CEO, and mother who has a hard time with the separation of work and personal life. Working from home with a 1 year, who does not understand that I cannot play with her all of the time and that I need to work has been the most challenging things throughout COVID. I always designated specific times of my schedule that were dedicated to our daughter and family life, but I now find myself fighting to keep those boundaries without a conference call or emails that need immediate attention.

Thankfully, I created a program to fit my own life, not the other way around. VHP is perfect for any busy woman (or man for that matter) and has awesome recorded and live programming from partners like Gold’s Gym, Fitness Formula Clubs, Chaise Fitness, and VHPGO fitness consultants. I think many women can commiserate – I have turned our bathroom into a yoga, band, kickboxing, core and HIIT studio 4 mornings a week. I will definitely NOT miss working out in the bathroom, but I have found new workouts that I love and will continue with them.

I am very proud of what we have created. VHP provides access to live and on-demand support in nutrition, fitness & lifestyle including:

  • Live support – 1:1 virtual appointments with nutrition specialists, live stream nutrition, fitness & lifestyle classes, and support groups
  • Unlimited messaging – Health experts answer questions and give advice in real time
  • Media library – Personalized content including live-stream and on-demand classes for nutrition, lifestyle modification and fitness
  • Recipes and meal plans – Thousands of personalized recipes, weekly meal plans and healthy eating tips
  • Monitoring tools – Food, activity and weight trackers all in one place, and pairing with Bluetooth devices

I think this is a new chapter in the personal journey. Having a solution that keeps track of your health (a full 360-degree view on fitness, eating habits, mental wellness and more) is detrimental to all the busy women out there – especially during these trying times.

As a founder in the wellness space, what are some of the megatrends you are seeing post pandemic?

During a time when our routine and sense of normalcy are altered, or sense of control is gone, it is important to focus on those items that we can control. Feeling healthy and strong and taking care of ourselves is key to avoiding illness and negatively impacting mental health. I believe practicing self-care and self-love are going to trend upwards in the coming months. Every act of self-care we engage in as we face uncertainty can serve to positively redirect and remind us of our inherent worth, strength and resilience, allowing us to feel more grounded and capable of facing the challenges ahead. As a result, we manage our anxieties better, supporting better immune functioning, and allowing us to navigate these tough times and the toll they take on us, with more grace and grit.

Moving forward I see many people converting to things like online physical training, therapy sessions and even home cooked meals full time. Being creative and trying new things when your usual favorite fitness classes aren’t available, or when your therapist now works from home on the other side of the city, are just things we are going to need to adapt to. Making a self-care plan that meets your needs as you heed shelter-in-place orders will be essential in our new reality. A great place to start is with a mindful check-in with your thoughts, feelings, and body. Taking as little as 3 minutes a day to simply close your eyes and anchor yourself in your breath as you observe, without judgment, what you’re thinking and feeling can provide deep insight into your specific needs. Now more than ever, self-care is a vital part of your daily routine.

Restructuring to put less pressure on ourselves will help us stay well. Reassessing what your goals might look like is helpful. Is it possible with the weather, social distancing rules, a full-time job and a toddler to get in 10K steps per day? That is no longer a feasible goal. But it is reasonable to try to get in 20 minutes of walking at least 5 days a week after bedtime and nightly stretching or movement!


What’s in your makeup bag or on your bathroom counter?

My #1, 2 & 3 product of absolute need is my MAC eyebrow pencil. I do not wear a lot of make-up but the concept of not having it is absolutely dreadful to me – I actually have two new ones as back-up at all times. I also love Vita Fusion chewable vitamins, Rituals Dao body scrub and moisturizer and Rodan and Fields Reverse SPF 50 face sunscreen.

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