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12-24-17 | Posted by

Simplicity is beautiful, and that is exactly what Jennifer White had in mind when designing her natural beauty brand, One Over One. Created with a minimalist mindset, One Over One products are carefully crafted with natural and often organic ingredients; products are clean, simple, and designed to complement the effortless beauty of your everyday life.

BITB spoke with Jennifer about her inspiration behind the brand and what products she uses to keep her skin looking youthful and gorgeous.


1. Tell us your story. Who / what inspired you to create One Over One?

I have been questioning beauty norms for close to two decades. My work began in the late 90’s during a yearlong study abroad in Rome. As a budding photographer, I spent much of that year photographing myself in order to understand how the exterior world perceived me. These images, juxtaposed with clippings from magazines and photographs depicting contemporary and historical beauty icons, littered the pages of my sketchbook.

I was frustrated by the way media manipulated my understanding of beauty and at the same time was exploring how I defined beauty for myself. Was it clothing that made me beautiful, or was it my body? Did makeup enhance my features, or was I really beautiful without it? I honestly didn’t know.

The year after returning from Rome I met my husband. Our relationship helped me see that exterior facades decorated in fancy clothes and masked behind layers of makeup are not where our true beauty lies. Beauty is more abstract than what we exhibit on the outside. Beauty is in our minds, in how we choose to live our lives and is completely individual.

Motherhood deepened my commitment to internal beauty. Like most expecting mothers, I dedicated myself to eating well and nourishing my body with regular exercise and activity. I began to recognize the power of my body and trust the natural world. I eliminated chemical products from our lives and simplified our dependence on commercially produced products by making my own cleaning agents and cosmetics.

At the same time, I realized that I am not super mom. I can’t cook homemade meals every night, run a business, and be hyper-conscious about what products we include in our lives. I need balance, time with friends, and also time for myself. I need to be real.

For me, this need for balance meant returning to my artistic pursuits and the work I started in my twenties—reinventing and reimagining beauty norms—with the maturity and experience only life can give you. I created One Over One as an homage to beauty, ritual, and a celebration of womanhood in our own image.

2. As a beauty expert, you probably take great care of your skin. What products do you recommend most to your clients and why?

I do take care of my skin and am very passionate about it. In fact, I am so passionate that I created a line of natural skincare that launched this fall called Amareta. My partner and I were very diligent about what ingredients we included in the formulas and spent more than a year developing the line. The line is designed to be used as hormones shift and change throughout the month, and address the effects seen on your skin. I use our Petal Soft Cleansing balm with my Clarisonic 2-3 times per week. I follow up with our Balancing Toner, Serum Lotion, and Ultra Moisturizing Cream. I don’t wash my face with soap until the third week in my cycle. Then I use the Brightening Gel Cleanser and replace the Serum Lotion with our Clarifying Serum. I also try to do our Detox Mask around that time of the month as well.

3. What is in your cosmetic bag and on your bathroom vanity?

We are always developing new products so there are always lab samples in very ugly packaging littering my bathroom vanity. I don’t wear makeup most days, and opt for a great lip balm, except for our ONE OVER ONE lip oils that I always carry with me, I also love Henné Organics, and some hand cream which I often make myself following a recipe I found on Mommypotamus. If I am going out, I throw on a little One Over One, and then a true red lip from Ritual de Fille. This is my little homage to French elegance. I also use a bit of Glossier’s Boy Brow from time to time.

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