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11-30-14 | Posted by

Jamie Greenberg had an affinity for makeup at a young age. While studying painting, photography, and film in college, her focus on her makeup talent began when a film professor asked her to be the makeup artist for the film he was directing. After graduation, Jamie pursued this passion and freelanced as a makeup artist in television, and from there she assisted legendary makeup artists Monika Blunder, Pati Dubroff, Stephane Marais, and Jillian Dempsey.

Jamie brought warmth and vitality to every assignment, and her career quickly took off. She was soon being requested by magazine editorials for Allure, Esquire, Elle, Lucky, Harper’s Bazaar and L’Uomo Vogue, among others. Some of her clients include: Rashida Jones, Kaley Cuoco, Elisabeth Moss, Chris Colfer, Jane Levy, Beth Behrs, Jayma Mays, Katherine McPhee, and Kirsten Dunst.


Jamie gives Beauty in the Bag her best makeup tips, worst makeup mistakes, and more. Here is what she had to say:

What are your desert island products — that you always have in your bag?
I always have Zyrtec in my bag since I suffer from allergies. I also always have Touch and Glow from mark Cosmetics, which serves as a cheek and eye color. I love having products that do more than one thing! I also must have mascara and brow pencil. I’m obsessed with Universal Brow from Dior. And lip balm. There are so many to choose from, but even having Vaseline in my bag makes me happy. An oldie but goodie!

What are some of the hottest makeup trends for this season — fall into winter?
Oddly enough, we’re seeing metallics AND nudes this season. I love both!

Name the 3 worst makeup mistakes you see and why?
  1. Wrong color foundation on the face. It’s the worst when I see someone with a face color that doesn’t match the rest of their neck and body. It’s too bad, but so many women just can’t get it right.
  2. Clumpy lashes. I think it looks dirty when women don’t take off their makeup and just layer on more over their lashes.
  3. Bad brows. Your brows frame your face so when you don’t keep them tame or when you use an eye pencil that’s the wrong color, it doesn’t look good. It’s so important to properly groom eyebrows to frame your face or you throw everything off!

Women always ask what order they should apply skincare, foundation, and makeup — what is your advice?
I like to start with skincare — a nice serum, eye cream, and moisturizer. Once the skincare has set in, I love to start with the eyes. That way, if you make a mess, you don’t have to take off the foundation. You can clean the skin again and then do foundation. Everyone does this differently but this is most effective for me.

For quick fixes — to conceal a blemish, cover up dark circles, etc. — what are some of your pro tips? 
I feel like most of the problems that need fixing are straight up blemishes or allergy face. For blemishes, you need to find a malleable concealer that won’t highlight the texture of the blemish. Sometimes, at night, you need to hydrate the blemish so the skin isn’t dry or flaky. For allergy face, I focus on canceling out redness, especially around the nose, with a green primer. For watery eyes, I recommend waterproof mascara and liner so it won’t make a difference to your makeup. You can achieve the same look but it won’t run. And, for puffiness, that’s when it’s time to contour. Use light, shimmery shades to highlight and a dark, bronzy color to shade the face. By doing this, you can reshape the puffiness, which anyone with allergy face will love.

In terms of makeup, what should we stay away from to look younger? (powder foundation, glitter shadows, dark colored blush, etc.)
I honestly don’t believe it’s about staying away from things but rather knowing how to apply them. My 90-year old grandmother was told to never wear shimmer. I did a video with her and used shimmer…it’s just about how to apply!

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