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Plastic Surgeon, Dr. James Beckman, CEO and founder of Theraderm Clinical Skin Care, began his career with a medical degree from the University of Arkansas followed by seven additional years of surgical residency training to become a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Beckman began private plastic surgery practice in Fayetteville, AR after being invited there by the medical community in order to better serve the growing university town with several large companies including Wal-Mart, Tyson Foods, and J.B. Hunt company officers and staff, as there was no reconstructive surgeon in the area. He has worked there since 1996.

Dr. Beckman didn’t envision starting a skin care company over two decades ago. Treating burn patients with motion-limiting scars inspired him to create his own unique solution to address their skin health – Beckman’s Skin Care Cream. Dr. Beckman found a gap in the market for products that would truly improve burn scar mobility, which led to his developing the “near-miracle” natural lanolin based cream.

Some years later, Dr. Beckman became aware of an amazing new ingredient, Keratin Peptides, being developed by a close plastic surgeon friend for military use in burn centers. The peptides stimulated new collagen deposition with burn scars. Derived from natural structural/matrix proteins, these peptides are the ultimate natural active ingredients, a breakthrough property that restored mobility to skin, fought against the harmful side-effects of burns, and also caused facial wrinkles and fine lines to completely disappear! This ingredient in a simple cream and its powerful abilities are what would become the core of the Theraderm Clinical Skin Care line for anti-aging and the creation of his visionary company, Therapon Skin Health.

Fast forward to 2020, Theraderm has flourished to include cutting edge medically advanced formulations and several other hero products that other plastic surgeon’s and dermatologist’s patients just can’t live without.

What inspired you to create Theraderm Clinical Skin Care?

Over years of treating severely burned patients with resulting stiff, thick scars, I realized my passion of developing a superior cream to restore mobility, suppleness, and softness to skin grafted hands – hands that could bend and grasp objects, functions necessary for someone to have better quality of life.

My college degree in chemistry and passion for knowing the cellular details of skin anatomy, physiology, and function, combined with numerous hours researching in the library led me to ingredient formulations and clinical testing to find the “ultimate skin restoration cream.” Several years later, five women that all had excellent results in eliminating sagging skin from facelifts asked an almost identical  question: “What can erase fine lines, wrinkles, and make skin pigment even after a facelift removes sagging skin?” In the quest for a product that would correct these issues, I discovered a unique secret ingredient that not only enhanced moisturizer penetration, but also had a side effect of erasing fine wrinkles and restoring youthful coloration to aging facial skin!

My vision was to create a simplified daily skin care system of products that would restore and rejuvenate aging facial skin to a beautiful, younger look, as well as make skin soft and pliable again. Each component of the system would have a special role in the system action and yet be a fully “stand-alone” product. The result was the Theraderm Skin Health System that restores sun-damaged or aged skin and produces youthful, natural beauty. Taking only minutes per day, women (or men) of any age or ethnicity, and of any skin type could now incorporate products into their daily routine specifically focused on skin health. Other plastic surgeons heard about the products and our simplified system, so I began to provide these incredible new products for their patients as well. It was a natural progression to start a company to make sure they could reach the masses.

What were the most challenging aspect of starting a skincare brand while taking care of patients?

With a very busy solo practice of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the time needed to start another “company” meant additional hours at night. Then there was a need to hire several additional persons in my practice office to manage daily details of the skincare products addition. I developed the exact formulations and specific ingredients, and then contracted manufacturing out to professional manufacturers. We initially had only two products, but marketing to the entire plastic surgery community required a wider reach for correcting all skin conditions. Getting larger quantities of product packaged lowered unit cost, but we still have never borrowed money, and my surgical practice paid for all of the expenses for Theraderm making growth of the company slower. I am very proud of what we have created and how much the Theraderm Clinical Skincare brand has grown since the company began. I always find it very gratifying when skin care professionals share their enthusiasm and the excellent results they have achieved for clients with our products. We are still innovating and always on the lookout for new ingredients that are backed by science to stay true to my personal philosophy.

What do you think makes Theraderm Clinical Skin Care stand out? 

What differentiates us is that all of our products are formulated by me personally to focus on specific results in skin appearance or qualities. As a plastic surgeon, I have personally seen every kind of trauma and skin problem imaginable. We only formulate products focused on getting exceptional improvement for skin problems while having  safe and effective results. We look first at what is the cause of the disease or problem; then we look at what ingredients can act to rectify or solve the problem. We combine using different products with specific actions rather than creating one mega hero product that claims to do everything. This allows us to offer a very specific focus on getting the best results from combination therapies. I consider it to be similar to preparing an excellent meal with only a few exceptional dishes that complement each of the others. The Theraderm range is harmonious and we offer a full line of key products that are suitable for all skin types.

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