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From commercials to films to Broadway shows and magazine covers, celebrity makeup artist Jacqui Phillips has done it all, developing a repertoire of high profile clients including celebrities, politicians, and models.

The chaotic, competitive world of freelance beauty services can be challenging, but Jacqui has set herself apart through her expert work. In addition to makeup services, Jacqui has appeared on numerous television programs and has contributed beauty columns to such magazines as GQ, Time, and People. She is also the NY Makeup Expert for the Examiner.

Certified in custom airbrush tanning and eyelash extensions, Jacqui is the owner of Jacqueline Pasquale Beauty, a bridal and beauty spa specializing in those services. Jacqui’s newest entrepreneurial endeavor is a new cosmetics line, Angel Girl by Jacqui Phillips Cosmetics.


What made you want to get into the field of makeup artistry?

I always loved doing makeup!  It came very naturally to me. I did my cousins makeup for her wedding when I was 9 years old.  Yes that’s right 9 years old.  I actually fell into doing makeup by way of modeling. I modeled during college and after college and I was doing a photo shoot in New York City and the makeup artist did not show up for work. The photographer asked me if I could try to do the makeup myself so we wouldn’t lose the day of work.  He ended up loving what I did and started hiring me to do other photo shoots. Within a month I went to Europe to work as a makeup artist and I never looked back.  Modeling is lonely, isolating work. But being a makeup artist is about connecting with people, creative people who appreciate my talent, and positive energy.  In fact, I’ve been told, it’s not just the way I make them look, but the way I make them FEEL that has me requested over and over again.

What are your favorite looks/styles right now in makeup?

I am always very attracted to the classic looks.  I love a beautiful bold lip, but it is always a lot of fun to put a little sparkle gloss in the middle of the lip to enhance that pout and make the lips really pop.

I also love a bold eye that is enhanced by eyeliner.  This look is very in style right now and there are a lot of great liquid liners on the market that make it so much easier to accomplish this look.

Do you notice any trends that clients are frequently asking for?

Clients are always asking for glowing skin, lots of lashes, and bigger lips.  I feel that no matter what the trend is,  this is a staple request and a very worthy one.

What beauty products do you think are worth splurging on?

This is a tough question because I love so many products and use so many on so many different types of people.  I would say the most important products worth splurging on are those you are going to actually use daily.  So many people tell me they have bought an airbrush machine or a microdermabrasion machine but have used it once and now it’s in the box.  My advice is to spend money on something you love, enjoy and know how to use.  If you want simplicity buy a great face cream and use it daily, or an SPF that won’t make you break out, or a beautiful lip gloss that you will use every day, or that perfume that you love.  I think if you buy something and use it daily it will indeed pick up your spirits and you will notice that inside and out. There is nothing in the world more worth splurging on or more magical than that.

Do you have any go-to products for women who only have about five minutes to spend putting on makeup in the morning?

I recommend a mineral bronzer, mascara, and lips to get you out of the door and feeling fresh.  I also love to spray a bronzing mist to give my skin a glow.  I love Roxanne Rizzo Bronze Glow; I also love Doll Cosmetics pencils.  It is something I always keep in my purse and it can be used in so many ways. Just to name a few, it can be used as a foundation, highlighter, contour, and lip enhancer.   Another good option is to buy a makeup kit so it has everything right in front of you.  This way you can open it up and really utilize your time efficiently and run out the door.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would be the one beauty product you’d have to have?

The only product I would have is my new lip gloss that is coming out very soon called Angel Girl.  This way I wouldn’t be alone.


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