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Indie Lee worked in corporate America for HBO and Ernst and Young before hanging up her calculator to live a simpler life in the country with her children, soon realizing that “simpler” was not in her DNA. She threw herself into building a greenhouse and jumped into the farm to table movement helping local businesses with starter plants and schools with gardens. After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2008 and unable to farm her greenhouse she started making beauty products for family and friends. When she was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor that according to her doctors “was most likely due to environmental toxins,”Lee knew she wanted to create change by developing trustworthy, eco-chic products. Indie Lee skincare was born.


1. What makes your skincare line stand out from the pack?
Beyond the all-natural formulations and ingredients, the collection is chic and approachable. My mission is to empower people to make healthy choices by sharing my knowledge of products and ingredients along with my personal journey so that others can make educated skin care decisions for themselves without sacrifices (whether that is style, health, wellness, enjoyment, etc.).

2. I’ve heard about your 5:2 skin diet. Is this still something you believe in? If so please explain.
The 5:2 diet touts being makeup free for five days in a row before returning to your regularly scheduled routine. Any time you can give your skin a break to let it breathe and renew from the daily barrage of skincare products is ideal. The average woman uses 12 – 17 beauty items daily.

Hopefully, an added benefit of the makeup vacation is that by taking a break, it will help women appreciate their natural beauty and lighten up on self-judgement.

3. What small changes will make the biggest difference in a healthier skincare routine?
I recommend starting with a few small and easy changes related to skin and gut health. After all, you know the saying “garbage in, garbage out.” I believe it’s important for people to read labels and understand ingredients. In that vein, making switches to all natural/more natural moisturizers – both body and face – is a great start to a healthier skincare routine and square one. When people ask me what skincare products to use for blemishes, my first question is “Where are you breaking out?” followed by “Please tell me about your diet”. Asking about their diet is usually a surprise question and an aha moment when people realize the correlation between skin issues and food intake.

4. What is your number one selling product? What do you attribute this to?
There is not one hero product. We are finding that our numero uno changes with the seasons. Right now we are seeing a huge uptick in our CoQ-10 toner. It is ideal for all skin types and ages. Many of our fans are fitness enthusiasts who love it as a post workout clean and clear. Others looking for a younger glow use it as the go to for hydration,minimizing pores, plus it is packed with anti-oxidants.

5. What is your desert island beauty product?
My “can’t live without” product is definitely the Squalane Facial Oil. It’s so simple (made from one ingredient: 100% olive-derived squalane oil), yet, such an amazing multi-tasker. It truly does it all – moisturizes skin, softens rough textured patches, boosts cell growth and helps prevent age spots. If you have oily skin, it sends a sign directly to the sebaceous glands to stop overproducing oil. It also helps treat eczema and psoriasis. I moisturize with it twice daily and my skin has never looked so fresh and dewy. The other good thing about it being my desert island product is that I no longer need to use foundation, which I’m guessing would be in short supply on the island.

6. If you had a magic wand and could create any product or type of product, what would you create?
A mirror that reminds us not to self-judge. We all have times when we fail to see our own beauty, or appreciate ourselves and what we have to offer.

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