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Dr. Ifeoma (Iffie) Okoronkwo, is a Regenerative Medicine and Biocosmetics doctor who recently launched her new practice Beyond Beauty by Dr. O in New York City. Dr. O, as she is fondly known, uses her vast knowledge of all aspects of the human body to help her patients look and feel like their younger selves. She uses regenerative medicine techniques, proteins and specialized medical equipment to turn back the clock of aging both inside and out. Her goal is to redirect her patients’ focus from striving to look like someone else to being the best versions of themselves. She accomplishes this by addressing not only a patient’s concerns about his or her outward appearance but also evaluates their health and lifestyle as a whole.

After receiving her bachelor of arts degree from Yale University and medical degree from Cornell University Medical College, Dr. O specialized in Sports Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine.  With  a keen eye for beauty and aesthetics and her knowledge of regenerative therapies, Dr. O has been able to achieve a unique approach to beauty in which her goal is to turn back the clock of aging as naturally as possible. She does this by rejuvenating and re-sculpting the face, resurfacing the skin using the same techniques used in regenerative pain management therapy.

Most everything Dr. O does to eliminate wrinkles and sagging, add structure to the face, and restore smooth, clear, buoyant skin is founded on the principles of regenerative medicine. At its core, regenerative medicine attempts to tap into the body’s own healing properties to restore tissue where there were once deficits, and enhance growth potential. Her signature treatment is the BioBionic Facial tm.

This is a multimodal treatment that combines different regenerative medicine procedures to create a stunning yet natural result. Using  multimicroneedling,  radiofrequency, biologics, peptides and growth factors, there is no better, nor quicker way to achieve that “wow effect”.

BITB had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. O about her new aesthetics center, Beyond Beauty By Dr. O, and the beauty products she can’t live without.

What was your inspiration for starting your new aesthetics center? 

Like many physicians, I was inspired to make a change to my medical practice by one of my patients.

A female patient had just successfully completely my regenerative medicine program using stem cells and peptides to treat her bone on bone knee arthritis. Just a few months earlier, she came into my office bent over and hobbling, using a cane to walk. And now she stood tall, admiring her new cane-free gait, having restored her function to what it had been in her younger days; she was beaming! As she walked by the wall of mirrors on the way to the examination room she touched her face and said “I wish you could do for my face what you’ve just done for my knee,” clearly seeing the “age” gap between how she looked and how she felt. And then almost all at once a flood of ideas and thoughts filled my head and the vision for Beyond Beauty By Dr. O was born; I thought “I can do that!”

Can you share the top treatments you offer at Beyond Beauty By Dr. O? 

With natural beauty as the core principle of my medical aesthetics practice, the majority of the techniques and machines I use work to enhance one’s beauty and body naturally; that is to say that I use the body‘s natural healing processes to restore beauty, and in the case of the truSculpt flex, maximize function.

The 3 most requested treatments in my practice are microneedling using the natural healing cells in your body which are designed to regrow, regenerate and heal. These cells, called platelets, are found in your blood and are thought to call upon your own natural adult stem cells to help you regenerate lost or damaged tissue. This is how your body heals itself after cutting your skin.

My patients also love my heat-based fat melting machine, the truSculpt iD. We all have a stubborn spot; a stubborn fat pouch that no matter how many sit ups, SoulCycle classes or diets we try, we just can not seem to get rid of it. Now image those bat wings, muffin top or saddle bags melting away in just 15 minutes. Boom! My patients are obsessed! We simply heat the fat cells to a temperature where they cannot survive, and they die! Twelve weeks later after your body gets rid of the dead cells voilà, no more fat pouch. Twenty-four percent of the fat in the treated area is gone…FOREVER.

For muscle toning and body sculpting, the truSculpt flex is truly revolutionary. Sometimes no matter how many fire hydrants leg lifts, squats or deadlifts you do, you just cannot get that buttocks to lift. With the truSculpt flex, after 4 to 6 sessions, 12 weeks later your butt is bouncing and behaving. Fabulous!!

As an aesthetic physician, what is in your makeup bag and bathroom cabinet?

As hard as it may seem, I used to have cystic acne and scarring on my face in my 20s and 30s. I tried dozens of products had facials everywhere from Georgia Klinger to the Red Door, for those of you old enough to remember these establishments. Then I discovered Natura Bissé products at Bergdorf Goodman, and these products changed everything for me.

I am obsessed with the Diamond White brightening serum and the C+C vitamin cream. I literally write them on a prescription pad for my patients to purchase in order to maintain their skin between treatments with me.

As a proponent of natural beauty, wearing a lot of make up is not really in my daily routine. However, I have always liked shiny, soft lips, with a splash of color. When I was in high school Vaseline provided all the shine I needed. But now for the last 20 years or so I have used Chanel‘s Rouge Coco gloss #744 and #712. They are my current favorites.

Recently I have added mascara and eyeliner to my routine to highlight my eyes and naturally curly lashes. I use Neutrogena liquid liner smudged with NARS smudge brush and then top that off with NARS Climax mascara.

For more information about Dr. O and her services, please visit https://beyondbeautybydro.com/

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