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Hungarian-born medical aesthetician Gita Gabriel is gentle and intuitive in the way she approaches skincare. Her methods are holistic, blending both old and new world customs. These are just some of the reasons that her namesake spa, Gita Gabriel Spa, has been one of New York City’s hidden gems for a quarter of a century. Gabriel has a legion of happy clients who would gladly follow her anywhere. One of whom is acclaimed film director Wes Anderson. In fact, Gabriel played herself in the one of Anderson’s films—The Royal Tenenbaums. In the movie, she gives actor Gene Hackman a facial.

Despite her celebrity status among Manhattan’s elite, Gabriel is both humble and earnest. “I like to guide my clients in the right direction to take better care of their skin and bodies. I love seeing results and happy clients!,” she tells BeautyInThe Bag.


 How long have you been in the business?

I have been an aesthetician for over 30 years and this year will be my 25th anniversary for my spa, Gita Gabriel Spa.

Where did you learn about skincare?

I’ve been certified in Hungary, France, and the United States. I’ve attended countless seminars over my 25 years in business to learn all the cutting edge skin and body care techniques.

What is your specialty or signature procedure?

The Biologique Recherche Soin Lissant Restructuring facial with turbo lift is popular among our clients for its toning and rehydrating effects for all skin types. This facial is perfect before fillers or non-invasive surgical procedures.

What do you offer that women or men can’t find anywhere else?

A personalized, super private spa service with the majority of treatments conducted on our unique amethyst biomat with infrared rays and negative ions, which helps increase blood circulation, burns calories, improves the skin, reduces stress and pain and much more. Facial treatments also include Charme spray, which is low pH acidic water that provides hydration, soothes chronic skin conditions while cleansing and tightening the skin. Hand and foot massages are also included during the facial for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

 What treatments do you use for yourself?

I like to alternate products, I often switch products according to the season, current skin condition, or if I am traveling. I mostly use products from Biologique Recherche and Institut Esthederm as well as Karin Herzog. I also use Charme spray from head to toe everyday.

What is your personal beauty philosophy?

I believe your skin reflects on the way you feel inside. If you are stressed or not eating well, or have an unstable home skincare regimen, results will show on the surface.

 What technology would you not want to live without?

Pellevé® is a wonderful non invasive treatment that helps produce your own collagen for tightening of the skin with no down time and no damage to the epidermis. Alternating between Pellevé and Clear + Brilliant laser treatments improve skin quality and minimize the effects of aging.

What is your choice for facial hair removal and why?

I recommend threading or tweezing rather than waxing because it’s less damaging to the surface. Electrolysis or laser hair removal treatments are also good choices for facial hair removal.





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