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04-12-15 | Posted by

A savvy business man, Georges Benarroch knew that if he were bringing a new skin care line to an already oversaturated market, it would have to fill an important niche. His brainchild SimySkinâ„¢ does just that largely by harnessing the healing and rejuvenating powers of vitamin B12 and several other active ingredients. He also approached a leading oncologist to help develop SimySkinâ„¢ in an effort to thwart the skin cancer epidemic form a different angle. Another plus is that the new line is targeted to all ages and stages. This personalized approach to skin care clearly sets it apart from the fray.

Benarroch spoke to Beauty in the Bag from his home in Paris. Here’s what he had to say about the new product line, the origin of its unique name and some of the research behind its development.




1. Tell us about SimySkin

SimySkin’s targeted skin care serum formulations really affect different ages groups, plus we are as much about health as we are about beauty. Our intimate knowledge of vitamin B12 and our application of systems biology to formulate our products and ensure of timely, effective release of our active ingredients helps SimySkin standout. We take our time to ensure all our serums and/or main ingredients are independently and clinically tested. Our chemists in France and in the United States use the most advanced science for product formulation of highly effective, quality solutions that are easy to use. SimySkin aims to achieve complexions that not only look good, but also function at optimal levels of health.

2. Why did you create the new SimySkin line?

After years of research and development, I saw an opportunity in the skin care business for an anti-aging product based on science and I was determined to formulate quality products at competitive prices. We created SimySkin, a premier skincare line that includes age-specific advanced scientific ingredients and formulations that correct, repair and reverse signs of aging. SimySkin targets the top factors that age skin: time, environment and stress throughout distinct age groups (18-25/ 25-45 and 45 plus). Our platform technology is based around Vitamin B12.

The brand philosophy embraces a unique combination of biology and high-potency ingredients to deliver powerful anti-aging solutions to critical elements of the skin. We teamed up with Uri Sagman, M.D., FRCPC, a Toronto oncologist and scientist who spearheaded game-changing work with Vitamin B12 in an affiliated intellectual property company. Dr. Sagman is a preeminent expert in nanotechnology as it relates to skincare as well as a leader in the development of fullerene antioxidants for the treatment of skin conditions related to aging and ultraviolet exposure.

 3. How did you come up with this unique name?

I am a late bloomer and I was blessed to have a daughter passed my middle age. Her second first name, Simy, is the one carried by my mother, my grandmother, one great grandmother and a number of relatives. Using Simy, a short, musical name was a natural.

 4. What types of ingredients are key in your products and why?

Besides B12, we obviously try to use only natural ingredients that are paraben free and hypoallergenic. Our two newest serums (also age specific) for the face and for the neck/ décolleté for instance, contain among many, other ingredients:


  • Anti-aging ingredients derived from plant stem cells (Plantago Lanceolata Leaf Extract)
  • A powerful anti-aging ingredient which is seaweed extract from glaciers (Chlamydocypsa Extract)
  • Palmitoyl Oligopeptide
  • Thermus Thermophilus Ferment which fights infrared-induce aging


 5. How did you discover the power of B12?

Our B12 research is linked to cancer, not to dermatology and the “power” of B12 in cosmetics depends of the formulation of each product and its intended use. This is why the research done by our French lab aimed to match the best possible active ingredients in each of our serums.

6. Why did you decide to work with an oncologist instead of a dermatologist?

We have seen a huge increase in skin cancers during the past two decades as our skin is stressed daily by the sun and by the pollution. Dermatology is very important and we hope to add a dermatologist to our team (which also has a couple of excellent chemists). but ensuring that an oncologist can review, vet and often suggest formulations is extremely important. With SimySkin we are able to combine systems biology with potent natural ingredients to address all aspects of skin health, going beyond aesthetics and aging concerns.


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