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07-31-16 | Posted by

As the founder of Color Wow, a line created to cover grown-out roots for color-treated hair, and co-founder of John Frieda, Gail Federici has been a nothing short of a pioneer in the haircare industry.

Successful in both beauty and business, BITB chatted with Gail to hear more about Color Wow and upcoming trends in the haircare world.


1. Color Wow sounds like a life-changer for women who color their hair! How does it stand out from other haircare products on the market?

Color Wow was recently honored with Cosmetic Executive Women’s “Indie Beauty Award, 2016,” Every product in the range is a totally new technology, a 180-degree departure from status quo color care formulas, designed to keep color treated hair looking wow! from day one until the next color appointment. Our highest grade, sulfate free shampoo was specifically formulated WITHOUT typical silicones, conditioning agents or pearlizing agents (one or more of which is found in every color care shampoo) that can darken color, dull hair or, worst of all, clog follicles and impede hair growth. Our Kale, Carb and Coconut Cocktails are ground-breaking “bionic tonic” leave-in supplements that address the three main problems caused by hair color chemicals: fragile hair; limp hair that has lost mass; dehydrated, straw-like hair. Color Wow stylers, formulated specifically to help make styling faster, easier and safer for this damaged hair type, are all “mash-up’s”, each combining a reparative treatment technology with a styling technology. Color Wow Root Cover Up, a proprietary mineral powder formula that instantly and effortlessly covers grey and dark roots without peroxide, has won over 36 major beauty awards. It’s the next hand held device to change your life!

2. What are some of the game-changing trends in haircare coming in the next few years?

Hair color is booming. More women are coloring their hair than ever, starting earlier and experimenting with different colors. What was extreme is now mainstream, and the love of kaleidoscopic colors and artistic effects will continue and expand. The result of this increased color use and abuse is a dire need for new hair care technologies that address problems specific to color-treated hair, so hair stays healthier, and the color stays Wow!

3. What are a few hair tricks you use and/or would recommend to other women to keep their hair feeling and looking beautiful?

Use styling products specifically formulated to treat fragile, color treated hair and minimize pulling, stretching and styling trauma. Color Wow One Minute Transformation is a breakthrough styling cream to use on dry hair that gives you smooth, polished results AND instantly re-moisturizes your hair without undue pulling or extended blow-dryer heat. Apply cream to any unruly, frizzy hair and simply brush through for a glossy, polished finish. Or, for a more professional, blow-dry finish, apply cream to unruly sections, wrap around a round brush and hit with a blow dryer for 15 seconds.

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