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With an enviable career that has taken her from England, to Europe, then Hong Kong, and back, Esther Fieldgrass is the founder and managing director of EF MEDISPA, a comprehensive medical spa offering aesthetic and surgical treatments in London. Launched in 2007, EF MEDISPA is recognized today as a leader in anti-aging therapies, preventative health, and cosmetic procedures.

Ms. Fieldgrass began her career at the age of 20 by opening her first hairdressing salon. She quickly moved into developing an award winning hair and beauty group before expanding her business interests into designer fashion. In the early 1980s, Ms. Fieldgrass relocated to Hong Kong, where she was introduced to eastern alternative medicine and became certified as both an Intuitive Healer and a Spiritual Healer. Featured as one of Vogue’s top 100 healers, Ms. Fieldgrass was soon garnering international recognition.

Today, EF MEDISPA has expanded to three clinics around Central London, all of which are frequented by celebrities, socialites, and international royalty. EF MEDISPA was also recently named the Aesthetics Awards 2011 Best Clinic Chain.


When did you start your first medical spa and what was your inspiration? 

I set up EF MEDISPA Kensington in 2007 and we’ve just gone from strength to strength, with EF MEDISPA Chelsea opening in 2010 and EF MEDISPA St John’s Wood in 2011. My inspiration actually started 25 years ago, when living in Hong Kong, where I was introduced to Eastern healing techniques and alternative therapies, which evolved into my personal mantra “inner wellbeing for outer beauty.” I observed how women in the Far East managed to preserve their skin texture, which was to a large part due to the humidity in the air and avoiding direct exposure to the sun. This led me to the latest research by the cosmeceutical manufacturers into anti-ageing skincare. My interest in using technology to enhance and preserve one’s skin grew from there.

What treatments are your customers seeking out and why?

Our strapline is ‘intelligent skincare’, so many of our clients come to us looking for help with skin issues or anti-ageing treatments. However, we find we do just as much work on the body as we do for the face, with many choosing to have body contouring and firming procedures.  In addition, we also have our state-of-the-art colonic hydrotherapy suites and a cosmetic dental suite. We differentiate ourselves by being a truly a one-stop shop for all manner of beauty and health issues, and in addition, have resident doctors advising on preventative medicine.

What do you see as the future of medical spas in the U.K and Europe?

In future, we will see more medical spas incorporating integrated medicine. At the moment Botox and fillers are the norm within the medical spa. We also offer advice on nutrition, weight management, homeopathy, vitamin infusions and work with our endocrinologists on bio-identical hormone therapies. I see other medical spas in the UK following our lead by offering more advice on preventative medicine as well as the standard facial aesthetics and body sculpting treatments.

What new products or technologies are you most excited about for 2012?

I am really excited about the advance of stem cell technology. Whilst it may not be ready in 2012, I am currently monitoring the work of leading medical research scientists, who are at the forefront of using adult stem cells in regenerative medicine. These scientists are developing new technology to alleviate serious medical conditions and inevitably there will be spin-off benefits in the field of anti-aging and regenerative health.

Does EF MEDISPA offer any signature procedures that are unique to your brand?

Our hallmark is the unique combination treatments that we have developed, mixing traditional therapies with the latest technologies. For example, we will use manual lymphatic drainage with acoustic wave therapy and a high frequency meso-injector for a very effective treatment that eradicates cellulite. In 2011, we introduced to EF MEDISPA’s own skincare range – Phyto – Body Hydration – an organic body cream. I am adding more products to this range whenever I can’t find a suitable alternative in the marketplace that really works.

Because of our reputation, I am able to offer my clients new technology in the pre-launch phase, as manufacturers will often ask us to be the platform for their UK launch. In 2011, we were privileged to be the first to introduce the Cellactor from Swiss based Storz Medical, an upgraded version of the Acoustic Wave Therapy technology popularised by Madonna.

What changes have you seen over the last few years regarding your clientele’s willingness to spend and splurge?

Our discerning clients are serious about skincare and passionate about maintaining a youthful appearance, so they are willing to pay for the very best treatments and service that we provide. In spite of the recession, we have noticed some clients actually spending more. There is an incredibly competitive job market out there and also competition in personal relationships, so people feel the need to keep themselves looking youthful and healthy to maintain the edge in both their professional and social life.  Aesthetic treatments are no longer a luxury item but have become a way of life.

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