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12-10-17 | Posted by

2017 has been the year of the brows. From barely there to bold and beautiful, eyebrow shapes and styles have taken over our Instagram feeds and, frankly, we can’t get enough.  Someone way ahead of the trends is Los Angeles-based celebrity eyebrow artist and owner of iBrow Bar, Erin “EB” Bryant. EB launched her career as a brow artist in 2015, creating the world-famous iBrow shaping technique. Using this technique, she rehabilitates clients with thin, over-tweezed brows and guides them to successfully achieve a natural fuller shape.

From locals to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens and Ireland Baldwin, iBrow Bar is the go-to place for achieving natural, perfect-looking brows.

BITB spoke with EB about her career in brow styling and her advice for keeping our arches looking gorge.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself. How and when did you become interesting in eyebrow styling?

I’ve always really been into my brows because they’re really full, so growing up I  made sure I  consistently had them shaped by an esthetician I trusted. Unfortunately, when I left LA to go out of state to college, I didn’t  have a brow artist, which resulted in e in trying someone at a nail shop around the corner from my school. Bad idea. I was devastated by the aftermath to say the least. My brows were extremely thinned out and over-arched. I decided to grow them out and wax and shape them myself. I have a steady hand because I grew up painting and drawing with my father, whose hobby is art, so it came natural to me and people began to take notice. This led to me doing all of my friends brows on campus. I was an undecided major in college, so when I found out about aesthetics and that I could do brows for a living, I decided to save up and move to ATL to become a licensed aesthetician. Once I graduated in 2015, I decided to come back home to Los Angeles to pursue my career in brows. I hit the ground running and started to build my clientele immediately. It blew up really fast, which eventually led to me opening the iBrow Bar this past August.

2. Take us through a typical day. What are some of the most exciting parts of your job?

I see about 10-15 clients per day. I’m usually booked all day back to back so my day flies by pretty quick. The most rewarding part of my job is interacting with my clients and seeing how confident and excited they are for “brow day” which a lot of them refer to as the best day of the month!

3. We love natural-looking brows. What advice would you give us and our readers on how to draw in / maintain brows so that they don’t look fake?

I would suggest using a light hand when applying your product of choice. Less is more and make sure to blend as you go! Also leave more length on your brow; they will appear fuller. Don’t worry about leaving some hairs outside of your brow line; it gives a natural appearance to the brow.

Follow EB on Instagram at @ibrowsbyeb

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