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08-13-17 | Posted by

Eric who is considered a Dallas’ hair color icon wants every woman to feel beautiful and confident. He approaches every head of hair with an open mind and a relaxed point of view; before getting started, he studies bone structure, hair texture, and natural skin tones. He’s known for creating signature styles and luxurious looking hair. In return, his clients feel gorgeous and confident, and his experience has earned him some of Dallas’ most prestigious clientele roster.

Beauty in the Bag had a chance to sit down with master stylist Eric Culbertson; he shared this Summer and Fall 2017 hair trends and his number one advice about how to help a woman look and feel beautiful.


1. What advice would you give someone looking for a change?

Be bold. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Do that one thing you’ve been afraid to try. Most women do not want or need a makeover; they’re afraid of change. Everyone wants to look their absolute best, but sometimes they just don’t know how to achieve that. The best thing to do is find/develop your own personal style. We need to separate style from trends in fashion. Style needs authenticity. So it starts with self-acceptance. Always keep a positive self-image. Self-confidence looks good on every woman!

2. What are a few hair tricks you use and/or would recommend to other women to keep their hair feeling and looking beautiful?

Invest in a good hair dryer, I can’t live without my Dyson Supersonic, I’m already on my second one and I can’t get enough. I highly recommend it!

Also, always use hair products that not only protect your hair but your hair color as well. One of my go to products is Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue hair oil, it is like getting an in-salon hair treatment every time you blow dry your hair, it rebalances the hair’s moisture level and provides all-day UV protection.

3. What are the most popular hair trends for this summer and fall in Dallas? 

The hottest trend for hair this summer has been daring pastel colors, they’re perfect for the woman that has been craving something fun and exotic. The fun thing about pastel hair is that it can be as bold or subtle as you want it to be. For those wondering if you could rock this fun look, there are a few ways this can be achieved. You can either go with the half and half approach which is top and bottom or base and highlights.

Fall 2017 is all about simplicity. It’s about transforming sun bleached blonde hair to darker honey, gold, bronze or butterscotch color highlights, it’s about hair color that slims your face seamlessly.
You’ll see more one-length hair that barely touches the collarbone, personalized for the client using long texted layers to create movement and piece-y bangs that barely touch your eyelashes.

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