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bernsteinDermatologic laser surgeon and researcher Dr. Eric Bernstein has dedicated more than 20 years studying how skin ages, the effect of the sunlight on the skin, and the most advanced strategies to prevent and reverse the aging process. He is the founder of Main Line Center for Laser Surgery in Ardmore, PA, and is also a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania. A respected scientist, researcher and inventive healer, Dr. Bernstein has spent his life creating ways to improve the quality of the skin. He has worked to bring developments from the laboratory to his state-of-the-art laser center, and then to the patient. His new LaseResults® skincare collection is the result of his personal life mission to bring the most effective symphony of ingredients to people who want to halt or reverse the signs of skin aging and improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin and photoaging. This collection of high-performance products is made with Dr. Bernstein’s own patent-pending CRV-8™ complex to protect skin against harsh environmental elements and achieve real results.


What are the next great medical devices you see on the horizon?

Home devices are the big thing now. There are new and better tattoo-removing lasers out and on the horizon, as well as newer versions fractionated lasers for photodamage and acne scarring. Body contouring is huge with coolsculpting and application of this technology to other areas of fat and even oil glands/acne. In addition there are other body sculpting devices based on ultrasound or radio frequency energy.

What do you feel are the basic requirements for someone to perform laser procedures?

Finding a laser practice is difficult as it is very competitive and there are so many out there.  The best way is to get referrals from other physicians, your dermatologist, and your friends. Ask how long the person has been performing laser surgery, if they own their lasers, if the physician at the practice is board certified and in what specialty.  Who can operate a laser varies by state.

Can lasers be used for hair removal on darker skin tones? Why do you use three different types of lasers for hair removal?

Treating darker skin tones with lasers is quite challenging as melanin pigment absorbs light, including laser light used for hair removal. Our objective is to heat the hair without over-heating the skin. The longest wavelength laser, the Nd:YAG works best on darker skin because the longer wavelength of this laser ‘sees’ skin pigment the least. Test spots are often helpful before treating a larger area. The other two types of laser are the alexadrite (better on lighter skin types) and the diode (in between the other two).

Are there any novel combination therapies that you recommend for your patients?

We always use combination treatments. Topicals are a must, as they are used every day and repair and protect at the same time. Good topicals make a difference, so using a regimen is key to maintaining and improving your skin—and maintaining the results of the laser. If my patients refuse to wear sunscreen, I won’t treat them. We frequently combine Botox®, fillers and lasers, and even surgery to optimally rejuvenate photo-aged skin. Every patient is different, so it’s key to have a full armamentarium available to offer people looking to improve their skin.

What are some of the best in class systems that you use in your practice?

I have almost three dozen devices but the Candela Vbeam® Perfecta, Cynosure/ConBio™ Revlite® SI and Affirm®, Fraxel® Dual and Clear + Brilliant®, Zeltiq® Coolsculpting® device, DEKA Dot and Synchro, Alex Trivantage®, eMatrix®, and the Ellman® devices are a few.

What was your inspiration for creating your product line LaseResults?

This is a great question for a multi-tasker like me. Believe me, I thought I was too busy to start my own line, but as anyone who knows my practice can see, I’m a perfectionist who prefers to become an expert and drill down in very narrow fields of interest. I was looking at numerous lines to try to cobble together a set of products I was happy with in my office, and it just wasn’t out there. I kept looking, trying, and changing products until finally, the scientists I work with all the time said, “Bernie, it’s time to do your way, and we want to help and be a part of the project.” This gave me the incentive and confidence to go forward and create LaseResults®. After all the time and effort I have put into studying the details of skin aging (over 20 years and about 100 publications and numerous patents), I knew how to proceed, and make no mistake about it, part of that was finding key players who can do the tasks that I don’t do well, and who treat me like family to join me in the venture. I have spent so much time in the field of skin aging and laser research, finding these folks was natural for me. That’s where LaseResults® came from and I must say it’s been fun, exciting, and rewarding so far.  I’m really looking forward to upcoming projects and new products we have on the horizon.

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