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07-30-17 | Posted by

Dr. Stanley Kovak has over 20 years experience in determining a patient’s skin care needs. He is a national and international lecturer for the largest laser manufacturers in the world, who have chosen him for his vast knowledge of skin care. He also teaches multiple doctors cosmetic medicine and skin care and is a member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

Dr. Kovak has also been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and he has also published work in the text book on cosmetic medicine and skin care and has been featured in multiple magazine articles.

BITB chatted with Dr. Kovak about the latest trends in aesthetics and the most effective tools to turn back the clock.


1. How did you select the field of aesthetics?
I truly believe that aesthetics actually chose me. Almost 25 years ago I started treating spider and varicose veins. Phlebology was a new field in medicine, but it was essentially the beginning of the fields of aesthetics. Luckily, I was skilled with my hands and treatments came easily and results were exceptional. Enjoying my new found taste for clearing veins, I applied for a fellowship in Dermatologic Laser Surgery and completed the year long fellowship in 6 months. At that time, over 20 yrs ago, the field of aesthetics was just the beginning. Instead of learning in a residency, a physician would call a doctor who wrote an article on a new procedure and spend a day or two with him to learn the procedure. So in the beginning, I was taught by the originators of treatments, the so-called “ Father’s “ of Aesthetic Medicine. Luckily, the procedures came easy and technology advanced quickly. When I started, there were only 2 or 3 lasers. Now, we have over 20 different lasers. I enjoy making people look and feel better about themselves. I enjoy the rapport between patients and I enjoy the continued advancement of aesthetic medicine.

2. Please tell us about the top trends in aesthetics? What are patients asking for most frequently?
Body Sculpting: cool sculpting/fat removal
Facial fillers/Volumizers

3. In your view, what are the most effective tools you have in your practice to turn back the clock?
Tyte & Bryte photo rejuvenation which causes reverse aging of the skin. Brown spots improve along with red discoloration. Skin texture also improves with treatments which minimize pores and fine lines.
Facial Resurfacing- several devices including The Halo by Sciton Laser, The Viva which improve deep lines and even causes some tightening of the tissue.
Silhouette Threads is a nonsurgical procedure to get a mild lift and add fullness to the face immediately, with minimal downtime.
Kybella treats the double chin by reducing the fat and returning it to the more youthful angle of the neck we admired.

4. What innovative or new treatments are coming soon?
Botox will soon be getting FDA approved for forehead lines. Kybella will be looking for other treatment areas for small areas of fat. Coolsculpting has new hand pieces which can be used in many areas including fat around the knees, bra fat, and even excessive jowl fat.

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