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Dr. Jegasothy has always been “cutting-edge” in her specialty; she’s considered a Key Opinion Leader in Aesthetic Medicine. She always makes sure to explore all options available to her patients, and they appreciate her counsel. Whether it’s a perfect eyebrow arch or nasal bridge/jaw line shaping, Dr. Jegasothy believes that Botox Cosmetic® and fillers are ideal for beauty enhancement, not just anti-aging.

Dr. J chatted with Beauty in the Bag about her favorite procedures and the future of skincare treatments.


1. What procedures are your favorites to perform?
I love to perform Kybella fat-melting injections to sculpt hard to treat fat deposits such as those in the bra line, inner thigh, hips and abs. It is a fast, easy and very effective way to enhance the appearance of these smaller fat deposits, which are tricky to treat with a bulkier laser or liposuction. In body conscious Miami, it’s a huge winner!

Every day as we speak, I am perfecting new protocols to lift various areas of the body with the Ulthera ultrasound laser, which could only be previously done with extensive surgery and recovery time. For example, we are using Ulthera to perform our “UBL,” Ulthera Butt Lift, which is a mini, non-surgical version of the very popular surgical “BBL,” Brazilian Butt Lift, in which the surgeon takes fat from elsewhere on the body and creates as nice round posterior contour. Our UBL is perfect for patients who just need a little lift, do not want surgery, or do not have fat elsewhere on their body necessary to remove and put into their derriere.

2. What can you tell us about future skincare treatments in development and what do you think will be the next big treatment everyone will be asking for?
Allergan recently purchased a topical dermatology company, Topokine Therapeutics, which owns XAF5, a first-in-class fat reduction topical cream. This cream will be a revolutionary in-office procedure which effectively shrinks the fat pad for “bag” under the eye for up to 1-2 years per treatment. This one advance will change the way many of us age, forever, and will change the way surgical eye enhancements are performed in the future.

3. Does diet affect the skin? What foods should we be cautious of to avoid skin reactions like acne, dry skin, etc.?
The skin, like all other parts of the body, is healthier when we eat foods that are healthier for the other organs in our body. So doubling up on antioxidant fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, lean proteins, helps your skin as well as your overall body. The good stuff in all of these foods help the skin immune system to ward off infection and rashes, as well as ward off DNA damage from the sun’s UV radiation. This will prevent wrinkles and skin cancer in the long run. The most recent clinical studies show that dietary intake of zinc and selenium supplements also greatly enhance the skin’s ability to protect itself from skin cancer.

If a patient is prone to hormonal skin conditions such as acne, I recommend a diet low in animal hormone, i.e., a dairy-free diet consisting of organic, hormone-free meat. These food-borne hormones can increase our cortisol levels, which then, in turn, increase all of our other hormone levels, and cause hormonal skin conditions like acne to flare.


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