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Dr. Robert Morin is a board-certified plastic surgeon who practices in New York City and New Jersey and specializes in reconstructive procedures of the head, nose and face. He trained extensively in the complex fields of craniofacial surgery, cosmetic surgery and pediatric surgery, and his diligence and persistence in these areas allow him to perform complex nasal reconstruction, ear reconstruction and cosmetic and cleft rhinoplasty on patients, young and old.

As a proud graduate of New York Medical College, Dr. Morin once belonged to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society and served as Vice President of the college chapter of the American Medical Association. After earning his medical degree, he went on to pursue a combined general surgery and plastic surgery residency at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Dr. Morin further developed his special surgical interest as a Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery Fellow at Miami Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida.

Dr. Morin remains passionate about his work, traveling to underdeveloped countries to dedicate time to children in need of complex surgical care. In the past several years, he has operated in Costa Rica, Mauritius, the Philippines and Colombia. In 2010, after the devastating earthquake, he was one of the first plastic surgeons and medical responders on the ground in Haiti, ready to help children. Dr. Morin has received several Awards of Distinction in response to his services to children in need.

BITB had the pleasure of catching up with Dr. Morin to learn about his work as a plastic surgeon and the treatments his patients can’t live without.

Who or what inspired you to become a plastic surgeon?

My father is a foot and ankle surgeon so he originally inspired me to enter the field of medicine. Initially, I wanted to be a trauma surgeon because I wanted to save lives, but during my medical school rotations, however, I found that I was drawn to the artistic nature of plastic surgery and facial reconstruction specifically.

What are the top three most popular surgical procedures your patients are asking for right now?

The most common procedure I am asked to perform is rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is generally recognized as one of the most difficult operations in plastic surgery. I am drawn to the challenge and to the meticulous nature of the surgery. The nose is front and center on the face and it is incredible to see the immediate transformation and the beauty that can be revealed by removing an undesirable distraction like a large bump.

Facial feminization surgery in male-to-female transgender patients is another combination of procedures I commonly perform. Facial feminization surgery is a combination of rhinoplasty and craniofacial surgery. I completed a 1-year craniofacial surgery fellowship in Miami following my plastic surgery residency. As a craniofacial surgeon, I am able to reshape the facial bones in order to create a more feminine facial appearance.

Finally, I perform a large number of abdominoplasties (aka tummy tucks). Following pregnancy, the skin and muscle of the abdominal wall tend to get stretched out. By removing the skin and tightening the muscle, I am able to beautifully reconstruct and recontour a patient’s stomach and abs.

In your experience, how do women balance their desire for having treatments done for their body vs. face? Which areas take the highest priority?

The top three priorities for my patients are their noses, breasts and stomach/abs, generally in that order. My goal for every patient is to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing result possible while maintaining a completely natural appearance. I obtain these results by using a meticulous surgical technique, responsible judgment and modern technology (e.g. EmSculpt) whenever appropriate.

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