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Dr. Rebecca Tamez is a board certified Adult and Pediatric Dermatologist with expertise in both medical and cosmetic Dermatology. Born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, she received her undergraduate degree in Biology from Purdue University and completed her medical training at New York University, with residencies at New York Presbyterian-Columbia University Medical Center and Hoftra-Northwell Health System.

In addition to working at the practice of Dr. Bruce Robinson, Dr. Tamez dedicates her time to volunteering at Hofstra-Northwell where she teaches students and dermatology residents.

BITB chatted with Dr. Tamez about the latest trends in aesthetics and the products she uses to keep her skin glowing and healthy.


1. As a skin care expert, you probably take great care of your skin. What products do you recommend most to your clients and why?

The first item you’ll need is a great dermatologist to help get your problem skin under control – whether it’s acne, rosacea, dull skin, eczema or other. I got into dermatology because I wanted to learn how to treat my own problem skin. Living for years with acne and rosacea, I know first hand how difficult it is to go through life trying to cover up your imperfections.

Next on the must-have list is a good face wash that feels great and keeps your skin looking its best. I love our JAS Sensitive Skin Clarifying Cleanser and Restorative Hydrating Cleanser.  Being a 30-something woman who still gets a few acne bumps here and there I have found that the JAS Sensitive Skin Clarifying Cleanser with tea tree oil helps keep my sensitive skin looking clean and refreshed. It also smells and feels amazing!

I also have several patients complaining of dull skin, melasma, and sunspots. I love our JAS Brightening Cream with green tea and kojic acid, both natural ingredients that gently lighten dark, uneven spots over time. Now that we’re entering the New York winter, I love to compliment everyone’s beauty bag with the JAS Restorative Hydrating Cream, which is rich in moisturizing peptides.

2. What are the most effective treatments for a woman who wants to maintain healthy, beautiful skin in her 20s/30s-40s/50 plus/etc?

In your 20s it’s all about starting a good skin care regimen. I recommend a good sunscreen with physical blocking agents like titanium or zinc. I use Elta MD tinted formula every morning underneath my makeup. Your 20s are also a great time to start a night-time retinol which will stimulate collagen and increase cell turnover. I like the JAS Anti-Aging Retinol Cream that has a gentle but powerful combination of retinol and hyaluronic acid.

In your 30s, you might need to add a little more to your routine. I’ve recently started using JAS Renewal Rejuvenating Cream every morning. It’s loaded with antioxidants like vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids. These ingredients will prevent free radical damage from the environment and improve fine lines.

Your 30s are also a time when my patients start asking about neurotoxin (Botox.) My rule is, as soon as you start to see resting wrinkles, it’s time to start neurotoxin. We’re finding more and more younger looking 50 and 60-year-olds who have been using neurotoxin regularly over time as a preventative method to decrease the development of wrinkles. Starting early definitely pays off.  But don’t worry, it’s not too late, neurotoxin also works at 40 plus. In fact, they might see the most results with each treatment since they have more resting wrinkles to start.

As a compliment to neurotoxin, I like to use fillers in my patients who have volume loss. This can be used at any age, depending on the client. For example, I may have a 30-year-old elite athlete with loss of volume at her temples or a 50 year old with loss of volume at her cheeks and jawline.

Lastly, for my clients who just want to turn back the clock a few years I recommend Fraxel laser procedures. These lasers use special wavelengths to target dark spots, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and acne scars. It’s one of my favorite procedures to perform because the results can be so remarkable.

3. What is in your cosmetic bag and on your bathroom vanity?

Clearly, I’m a fan of JAS Sensitive Skin Clarifying Cleanser, JAS Anti-Aging Retinol Cream at night and JAS Renewal Rejuvenating Cream in the morning. For my day-to-day makeup loo, I like to use ELTA MD tinted sunscreen followed by Laura Mercier powder.  I’m still in love with the NARS blush/bronzer duo of Orgasm and Laguna.  For eyes, I like the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay along with Marc Jacobs mascara.  I also use prescribed Latisse drops on top of my mascara to help keep my eyelashes long and healthy.  (I find putting the drops on top of mascara helps keep them in place.)  For lips, I’m always playing around.  My current favorite is Estee Lauder All-Day lipstick in Maple Sugar.

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