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Known as a revision and ethnic rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Paul Nassif of Beverly Hills uses his skill as an artist and a surgeon to shape the nose to fit the face. He also is known for his endoscopic surgical work, having developed a procedure called “The Anti-Gravity Facelift,” which leaves no visible scars and achieves natural-looking results with minimal recovery time. Dedicated to helping less fortunate patients, Dr. Nassif gives his time to numerous charitable organizations, including Face to Face, a national program that provides reconstructive surgery to victims of domestic violence.


What trends are you seeing in the types of procedures requested by your patients?

Recently, the rising trends seem to be anti-aging procedures, specifically the mini-Housewife Lift. This procedure is a natural-appearing face and neck lift that can be performed under local anesthesia. It works well with patients primarily in their early 40s. However, depending on what the needs and desires of the patient are, I can utilize the proper and appropriate procedure to meet the expectations of the client. A thorough and detailed examination and consultation can help to assess this.

What are some of the special considerations for ethnic rhinoplasty?

Ethnic Rhinoplasty was designed for Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, and African American patients. Patient consultation and nasal analysis is important to carefully design a surgical plan for patients of different ethnic backgrounds. Special consideration is given to the reconstruction of the nasal bridge, dorsum, tip, base, radix, maxilla, and the nasolabial conjunction, resulting in a more natural alteration.

Is medical tourism increasing? From what countries do your foreign patients originate?

International patients have been originating from various countries in the Middle East and Asia. The information available online about the practice easily facilitates international consultations, which can be conveniently done through the utilization of programs like Skype.

What’s new in the field of non- or minimally-invasive anti-aging treatments?

Injectables are becoming the wave of the future. Non- or minimally-invasive procedures are growing in popularity among many who are seeking a younger, more vibrant appearance. Specifically, fillers allow the patient to add volume to their skin, while also rejuvenating the damaged cells. Fillers have become even more efficient in conjunction with the Adivive system for fat grafting that allows for a higher quality of adipose tissue, which ultimately yields the best results. Another non-invasive procedure is the newly popular Vampire Facelift. Although the name of the procedure suggests that it is a facelift, it is actually PRP (platelet rich plasma) plus a filler, which is designed to tighten and tone the skin. Because the Vampire Facelift combines these two processes, there is an immediate result. The procedure leaves the patient with a more natural, younger looking appearance, along with no visible scarring.

What three questions should a potential plastic surgery patients always ask their surgeon?

Three questions that a potential patient should ask are:

1) Are the results I am seeking realistic?

2) What are the health risks of this procedure? What can I do to prevent any complications?

3) Is the surgeon a board-certified facial plastic surgeon or a general plastic surgeon, and is their area of expertise the specific procedure you’re seeking?

Please describe the “Housewife Lift.”

The “Housewife Lift” is a procedure designed to give a more youthful appearance, while maintaining the face’s natural structure. It elevates the cheeks, softens the smile lines, and improves the appearance of the jowls and neck. The lift is a combination of the face and neck. Because the procedure addresses the complete face, the results can drastically improve one’s appearance. You may remember the great results we saw with Mauricio’s mother-in-law on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – that was a good example of the results offered by the Housewife Lift.

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