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Dr. Neal Schultz is one New York City dermatologist who really likes to communicate. He developed BeautyRx Skincare, his proprietary line of treatment products, based upon his patient’s needs and feedback. Furthermore, he is the creator of the first online daily skincare video show (www.DermTV.com), which has a real time Q&A component.

In practice for more than 25 years, Dr. Schultz is the founder and medical director of Park Avenue Skin Care in New York City. He specializes in facial rejuvenation, the practice of which is augmented by his skills as a cosmetic laser surgeon. His practice also emphasizes the early detection, prevention and treatment of skin cancer and the treatment of acne in adults and adolescents. When not seeing patients, sharing his knowledge on DermTV.com or teaching residents at Mt. Sinai Hospital, you can find Dr. Schultz walking his golden retriever in Central Park at least twice a day.


Dr. Schultz, tell us a bit about your background. How did you choose your specialty?

For starters, I’m a born and bred New Yorker, who spent four years in Philadelphia as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, after which I returned to New York to attend the Medical School of Columbia University and trained in Internal Medicine and Dermatology for five years at Mount Sinai Hospital. I chose dermatology because I wanted a specialty that was sufficiently circumscribed so that I would be able to take care of virtually all of my patients’ problems without having to further refer them to other specialists. I learned from a young age that when you look better you feel better, and I love how I make my patients feel better by helping them look better every day.

How do you get the best results from skincare products?

We all want to get the best possible results we can from all of our skincare products. In order to do that you need to prepare your skin the same way every time with a cleanser and toner before you put those skincare products on in order to remove the oil, dirt and debris that would otherwise prevent the active ingredients in those skincare products from working. So whether we’re talking about exfoliants, peptides, antioxidants, moisturizers, makeup or even sunscreen you want to use a cleanser and a toner every time before you put them on. Now some people only use cleanser and that’s okay and some people only use toner but make sure whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it consistently and the same way every time. First of all, with your cleanser, start in the same place on your face and go to different areas the same way every time you wash your face. When you’re doing that be aware of the time you’re spending, fifteen seconds, thirty seconds maximum but try to spend the same amount of time every time. And if you’re just using toner again, start in the same place and use it for the same amount of time. Third, make sure you’re using the same products every time you prepare your face.

What causes wrinkles?

There are really two main causes of lines and wrinkles. Most of us are familiar with photo-aging, which causes lines and wrinkles from repeated unprotected exposure to the sun and that causes collagen and elastic tissue in the skin to break and that causes lines and wrinkles. But what most people don’t realize is that another cause of loss or breakage of collagen and elastic fibers is repeated motion of the skin, repeated creasing and folding such as frowning, smiling and squinting. All of these things fold the skin back and forth – fold the collagen back and forth and causes it to break. Let me give you some examples, this is a flat piece of paper without any folds and I am going to fold it, and I press on that and now I’m going to fold it again and move my finger back and forth several times. If I open it you can see a fold or a crease. Let me try to rub out that fold or crease. And what happens? You still have a fold, you still have a crease. And the reason is, in repeatedly folding, I’ve actually broken the cellulose fibers that form the structural integrity of the paper. Well, if paper has cellulose fibers to give it integrity our skin has collagen, which gives it structural integrity and as a result of repeatedly folding the skin or creasing the skin whether it’s frowning or smiling, anything that does that will ultimately break the collagen fibers and therefore cause the same kind of line or wrinkle. So, think of this paper clip as a collagen fiber. What happens if we fold this paper clip back and forth, back and forth? Well after enough folds back and forth it breaks. And that’s why next to my eye I have a fine line; it’s etched there as a result of the complete destruction of some collagen there. But skin unlike paper also has elastic fibers in it, and the function of elastic fibers is to restore the shape of the skin to its natural shape. So if I take my face and I stretch it out, the elastic fibers are what brings it back. But if you repeatedly stretch elastic fibers back and forth after a while they get stretched out and broken. So now there are folds in this elastic band that just don’t come out because they’ve been broken. Let me give you another example of this. This piece of paper has no folds, it’s in perfect shape. But if you fold back and forth with the elastic, after a while, you can’t get it to stretch out – it’s deformed. And one of main differences between paper and human skin is that human skin is accustomed to repairing itself but actually once you’ve broken collagen the skin can make a little more collagen but it doesn’t do it very well. And even worse, once you’ve broken elastic tissue, any time the skin makes new elastic tissue it never works properly. So if you need any more convincing of the value of repetitive folding of the skin in causing lines and wrinkles take a look at the upper lip of somebody who has smoked for ten or twenty years and I can promise you that you’ll see vertical lines etched into the upper lip as a result of smoking.

What should we know about your recently launched skin care line, BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz?

After 25 years of seeing 10,000 patients a year, I have created a line designed specifically to target my patient’s top needs. BeautyRx Skincare by Dr. Schultz takes a “big picture” approach to skincare and goes beyond the usual lines and wrinkles of women in their late thirties/early forties. This skin care line embraces and focuses on the ageless problems of texture and color that impact us starting as early as our teen years. With the integration of innovative proprietary compounds, BeautyRx goes beyond the limitations of “one hero ingredient,” and instead includes multiple synergetic actives that result in clinically superior results. The information and insights gained from the feedback from my ongoing patient visits make up not only the world’s most exceptional, largest and longest ongoing patient trial for product development but actually serves as the clinical “laboratory” in which that information is used to create new products and improve existing ones. Knowledge in chemistry, commitment to cosmetic dermatology and insider access to advances in cosmeceutical technology are the building blocks I utilize to help women make their skin more beautiful, younger looking and healthier. What was once the exclusive secret of my patient base; today is available to everyone. Visit www.beautyrx.com to get more information about BeautyRx and the different products offered in the line.

How do you think antiaging treatments and procedures will change in the next five years?

In the next five years I expect that procedures will become less invasive and more effective. For example, external procedures that neither break the skin nor require anesthesia will become more effective at tightening and firming skin, while reducing fat deposits and unwanted contours (like jowls and sagging necks). In terms of skincare products during this time, I think glycolics will become more popular as the gold standard in precision chemical exfoliation, now that the long held patent has expired. More effective transepidermal penetration will enable other products and bio-active ingredients to better penetrate into the dermis and thereby better stimulate the production of collagen and other dermal glycopeptides that are so important in maintaining skin volume, firmness and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Can you tell us a little about your free online consultations, BeautyRx Live?

Accountability and accessibility are two of the most important elements of my medical practice, Neal Schultz MD. In fact, after hours, instead of calls going to an answering service, they are forwarded directly to my personal cell phone. The evolution of BeautyRx stems from the feedback I receive on my skincare products in office. In launching BeautyRx to the public, I wanted to make sure that accountability and accessibility were also at the core of our offering and so I created BeautyRx LIVE as a way for potential and existing customers of BeautyRx Skincare to be able to ask me questions about their skin conditions and how BeautyRx can help treat them, as well as serve as a feedback forum for people to discuss what they like and don’t like. BeautyRx Live is derived from the success of Dermtv.com, my daily skincare video show.  Once a month, the consultations are nationwide and free of charge to consumers at beautyrx.com/live, where I host a real-time video stream with anyone who visits the page. They can ask me questions (via text) in a chat box and I respond over video. Our first session in July was highly attended and a ton of fun. I am truly looking forward to seeing what develops as a result of BeautyRx LIVE.

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