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Philadelphia and New York City dermatologist Margo Weishar of Springhouse Dermatology & Aesthetics  is keeping busy these days. She splits her time between Philly and Central Park South where she keeps her patients beautiful with injectable fillers, BOTOX, lasers, body shaping treatments, and offering up her best skin care advice, while also doing body checks, treating acne, rosacea and more.

A graduate of Yale University and University of Pennsylvania Medical School, Dr. Weishar completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Tufts and a second residency in Dermatology at Cornell-NY Hospital. She is Board Certified in both specialties. Dr. Weishar is on the staff of Abington Hospital and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where she holds a Clinical Associate Professor position.

Dr. Weishar has a real passion for aesthetics, which shows in the very personal way she takes care of her patients. BITB had a chance to visit with her recently at The Yale Club in New York to find out what makes this skin guru tick.


1. As a cosmetic dermatologist, what are some of the technologies and treatments that you are most excited about right now and why?
I think some of the most important and exciting changes in 2017 have come from innovations in technology. One of the things that is in great demand is noninvasive body contouring. There are several good devices on the market that deliver a noticeable improvement without having to undergo surgical procedures and downtime. In particular, our practice has just acquired Coolsculpting, and we are seeing interest from patients that have never before requested aesthetic services. Coolsculpting has improved the device such that the time to treatment is half of what it has been in the past and the comfort level has increased by about 75% with the development of brand-new applicators. In addition, Coolsculpting will soon be releasing a new smaller applicator. I have found that many of my patients are normal or thin weight and still have areas that do not respond to diet and exercise. For some of these patients, this petite or small applicator will be ideal.

The other request that I see often is the ability to rejuvenate the face without any downtime. I have been performing laser surgery for long enough to have come from our initial approach of full CO2 resurfacing with an extended two weeks of healing, to the era fractional resurfacing where we have the ability to produce wonderful results minimal downtime of redness and swelling for up to a week. Patients have been requesting a procedure that gives them excellent results but allows them to go back to work and social activities immediately. With the advent of the new pico second lasers, this has become a possibility. We now have several different pico second laser systems that cannot only treat very light pigment and background pigment but can also induce new collagen production, including the Cutera Enlighten system.  New collagen is laid down to smooth lines wrinkles, decrease pores size and improve the texture in the skin. We are truly entering a new area of technology which meets the demands of our current patients.

2. For someone just starting to think about injectables and lasers, what is your best advice as to how to choose the right procedures?
The world of aesthetic dermatology is becoming increasingly complex. We have so many tools in our toolbox now that is overwhelming for our patients to be able to choose between them. I think the most important thing for patients who are new to aesthetic dermatology is to seek a very experienced doctor who’s practice is devoted in large part into the practice of aesthetics. Every face is different, and each patient requires a different set of treatments in order to reach their goal. The best way to approach this choice is to book a consultation (or two) with an experienced practitioner and seek their guidance and experience. Even if you read up and are knowledgeable about the different procedure options there may be nuances that only someone who has treated many different patients can provide. It is important to find someone whose aesthetic matches yours. There are many different images of beauty as there are patients and doctors. In order to achieve your best you need to find someone who will look at your face and give you the look that you want.

3. What is in your makeup bag and bathroom shelf? (name products, brands, etc)
My makeup counter looks a little bit like the makeup counter and any large department store. I’ve always been a makeup and skin care hound ever since I collected the entire line of Loves Fresh Lemon as a teenager. (I just dated myself) I am very particular about my makeup base and because I have dry somewhat sensitive skin. I love Chanel’s VitaLumiere makeup base. It gives the right amount of coverage and a lovely glow. For my skincare unfortunately with my dry, sensitive skin, I am unable to tolerate retinoids (although I do recommend them to all my patients who can) so I am always looking for skin care that I can substitute for the effectiveness of retinoids. My most recent discovery was Defenage. This is a peptide-based system that allows stem cells to differentiate into brand-new skin cells. It is very hydrating, and I love the way it feels on my dry skin. It can work well for someone who is a has no other skincare as it covers up to sixteen aspects of skin aging. Or can be combined with other skincare. My other to go to products are Resveratrol from SkinCeuticals for a vitamin C antioxidant product I can use at night and a new product from all Alastin for the eyes. This is a brand-new line that works to increase the elastic fibers in the skin and removed damaged elastic fibers. Of course, I am a big sunscreen user. I try to use products that are zinc only, but I also fell in love with Coola spray on sunscreen. I love the Mimosa scent, and when I use it (my guilty pleasure), I feel like I’m on vacation. This is an exciting time for cosmeceuticals- products that are highly active but not prescription) with a lot of new technology and advances that produce real results that can extend and improve our office based treatments.

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