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ciraldoDr. Loretta Ciraldo, a board certified dermatologist based in South Florida, has a basic philosophy when it comes to skincare: products before procedures. Committed to a holistic solution to today’s skincare challenges and among the first dermatologists to incorporate peptides and naturally occurring antioxidants in skincare formulations, she has created an extensive skincare collection for both men and women, Dr. Loretta™ Skincare. The collection features customized regimens that target and help resolve complexion concerns such as uneven skin tone, oily and acne prone skin, rosacea, dehydrated skin, sun damage, and fine lines and wrinkles.


Tell us a bit about your background. How did you come to choose dermatology as your specialty?

In the summer of 1975, after finishing my first year of medical school in NYC, I was a summer research assistant in the dermatology department at Harvard Medical School. It was love at first experiment, testing the effects of a then little understood factor – UVA – on human skin. This was a life-changing experience for me, including getting to work with Dr. Fitzpatrick, the Chair of Dermatology, as he developed the Fitzpatrick Skin Type. So I have been in on the cutting edge of dermatology and skincare for almost 40 years and loved every day, and every new advance that I get to be a part of.

What is your skincare and beauty philosophy?

My motto is simple: products before procedures. I’m convinced that most of us want to look like the best version of ourselves, not like some weirdly altered mannequin. Personally, I want to remain attractive but never compete with my thirty year old daughter, and I don’t want consumers to fear that they will look unattractive as they age. My decades of clinical experience have proved the need for a holistic approach to staying youthful: using the right products combined with lifestyle guidelines, getting the right amount of rest, having a stress relief plan in place, maintaining a healthy, steady weight, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables – follow this advice and  achieving the appearance we want is within reach. We only need to go to the cosmetic physician as the icing on the cake, and often that isn’t necessary until you’ve reached your mid-forties.

What is unique about your Dr. Loretta Skincare line?

The way Dr. Loretta products and skincare systems are created: I start with my own dedicated patients and clients to identify their needs and top concerns. And then I develop products that are benefits-oriented and results-driven. If a new formula doesn’t produce clinical results, I don’t bring it to market. My own hands-on nature of developing and overseeing my line makes it truly unique. I see patients just two days a week and work on the line sixty percent of my workweek.

What are 3 of your favorite “must have” products?

Tea-rrific: I have been in awe of the benefits of green tea for years, but in the Tea-rrific we were able to extract, for the first time, all of the beneficial fractions of the green tea leaf to deliver maximum protective and age reversal benefits.

Age Change and Age Change Eye, like all of my products, incorporate an array of beneficial peptides and antioxidants. But specifically, my Age Change™ products are the first on the market to address the harmful effects of nicotine which becomes an aerosol aging and discoloring our skin everyday.

Tell us about your 6-week “boot camp” to improve skin as detailed in your book 6 Weeks to Sensational Skin.

My book 6 Weeks to Sensational Skin is a beauty boot camp that has best been described as the second best thing to having a cosmetic dermatologist as your best girlfriend. In a fun way, I am there every step of the way to advise you on how to decide what it is you want to correct about your appearance. I share step by step how to remedy top skin concerns from puffy eyes to brown spots. I am so pleased that a number of the beauty editors have told me it is their favorite go-to book for grounded, no nonsense beauty advice.

What new developments in skincare and dermatology are you excited about?

In skincare: the advanced science that brings us amazing new ingredients with benefits that are nearly as revolutionary as the advent of topical steroids. These ingredient families are peptides, antioxidants, and stem cells. Also, there is a very important new focus on eliminating problematic ingredients – many sensitizing ingredients could be at the root of the very things you don’t like about your skin. Redness doesn’t always come from hormone imbalance or rosacea; it often comes from ingredients that upset the skin’s natural balance – these ingredients may irritate or dehydrate.

In dermatology: I am excited about the holistic approach that dermatology is focusing on as well. A recent published study from a dermatology dept in England showed that increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption can brighten your skin tone and lighten skin within the first three week (www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/242679.php). There are a number of studies out of Asia that show that you can lessen scars by use of at home devices, like dermarollers, which can be as effective as a series of laser treatments. The new more holistic approach is very gratifying for me to see, as I have tried to practice this way for years now and I love seeing it out there for more to experience.

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