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Specializing in aesthetic and age-management medicine, Dr Josie Tenore M.D., M.Sc., is a board-certified Family Physician and a member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, practicing in Highland Park, Illinois. Dr. Tenore completed her medical training at the University of Toronto in 1984 and was trained in varicose vein treatments in 1986. She added chemical peels and skin care to her practice in 1988 and is a life-long advocate of eating well, exercise, and aesthetics to achieve the best quality of life. She earned a Master of Science degree in Public Health from Harvard University in 1998, so that she could work with world-renowned specialists and offer state-of-the-art medical care to her patients.

Dr Tenore has taught at medical schools at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada, Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, and has authored numerous scientific articles in well-recognized medical journals.

She launched Turn Back Time MediSpa with a partner in 2005 and a new solo practice: Dr Tenore’s FreshSkin Aesthetic Medicine in January of 2011 in Highland Park, Illinois.


Tell us a bit about yourself?

While I was in medical school I loved everything! I thought about a career in plastic surgery or dermatology but I didn’t want to give up obstetrics, or pediatrics, or psychiatry for that matter.  o, when I discovered Family Medicine as an option, I jumped on that and trained as a family doctor.  I also got trained in vein diseases in 1986 and have been performing sclerotherapy on thousands of legs and faces since then. I loved dermatology and did most of my own procedures throughout my career; even introducing chemical peels into my practice in 1988. I practice academic family medicine including obstetric care for 22 years before deciding to refocus my practice on age-management and aesthetic medicine. While I am not a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, I know that my extensive medical experience always has me looking for underlying medical conditions during my consultations. Off the top of my head, I have diagnosed thyroid and colon cancer, and gastrointestinal diseases like Celiac’s disease in several of the individuals who were being seen for aesthetic or weight management services

What is the most common procedure you do?

Hands down, it would have to be Botox or Dysport (neurotoxin treatments). I think these procedures are popular because people know what they are and what to expect, and for the most part they are fairly affordable. Over the years I have used neurotoxins on an increasing number of younger patients. Initially we treated mainly women in their 40s and now I am seeing both men and women and at much earlier ages. It is not uncommon to see women in their 20s who are interested in using Botox to help them prevent deep-set wrinkles.

I love these treatments because when they are combined with other proceduresa, like laser treatments, using neurotoxins in the underlying muscles seems to prolong the results of the laser treatments, making both services more cost effective.

What is the most underutilized procedure or treatment in your practice?

Medical grade skincare! Great skin gives us a great palette to work with but I still find it challenging to educate my patients. Years of being burned with products that “promised to deliver and didn’t,” has left a lot of individuals believing that medical grade products are simply just expensive over the counter products, but they are not. The large cosmetic companies do have a bigger marketing budget and do a much better job with advertising. Today’s medical grade products are concentrated – so a little goes a long way – and have prescription strength pharmaceutical agents in them to really deliver great results. My favorites for the summer months are products with vitamin C and E as these vitamins have been scientifically proven to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation. Followed by UV protection, this gives the best protection possible.

What is your favorite procedure to perform?

“Whatever my patient needs to make him or her look their best.” I love my job and the services I provide and take great satisfaction in having very happy and satisfied customers. There isn’t any procedure that I find too be uninteresting and while I have other members on my team, I will perform many of the procedures I offers myself, including microdermabrasion treatments.

What would you like to see more of in your practice?

Men! They deserve great skin to. I am finding that when I talk to them about “fixing damaged skin” rather than “looking better,” they seem to be more receptive. I also know that when it comes to home care, I have to keep it SIMPLE! Men just won’t spend the time putting on multiple layers of products.

What is your biggest clinical challenge?

Treating melasma, no question. This is a very stubborn condition that demands having the patient be very compliant with the treatment course. I have decided that this is going to be one of my showcase problems that I am going to strive to be the best in the field at treating.

What is new and exciting in your practice?

I just purchased a new multiple laser system that is absolutely fantastic. Along with the usual treatments that I have been doing for several years like hair reduction, and non-ablative skin rejuvenation, I can now perform ablative resurfacing procedures from the thinnest of MicroLaser peels (only 4 microns thick) to very deep procedures that eliminate deep wrinkles to the extent that plastic surgery is not necessary. 

What is your biggest overall challenge?

Staying abreast of all the newest procedures and trying to deliver them as cost effectively as possible. While I KNOW that there are a lot of GREAT products and procedures, the truth is that most of them are extremely expensive to purchase, and hence it is difficult to deliver these procedures at an inexpensive cost. Lasers can cost up to $500,0000 +, making procedures expensive to deliver. Even a vial of neurotoxin costs me $550 to purchase, so at that price, these treatments will never really be inexpensive.

What is your biggest goal for the upcoming year?

Customer service, my patients deserve the best customer service that I can deliver.

While I strive to do as much research into all the products and procedures that I offer, I want to be able to have the best customer service with the best products available at several price points in hopes of helping more people get the skin they deserve.


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