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Main Line facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Jason D. Bloom, MD, knows that form and function must travel together for a patient to be truly happy with the results of a procedure. It’s not enough that a person can breathe better, he or she also wants to look better after undergoing a facial plastic surgery procedure, and vice versa.

Dr. Bloom completed his undergraduate B.S. degree in Biopsychology & Cognitive Sciences at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He attended the University of Michigan Medical School, and completed his residency training in Otorhinolaryngology: Head & Neck Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. After finishing his residency, Dr. Bloom was chosen for the facial plastic & reconstructive surgery fellowship program at the New York University (NYU) Langone Medical Center in New York City.


Now in private practice at the Main Line Center for Laser Surgery in Ardmore, PA, Dr. Bloom chatted with Beauty in The Bag about what is trending among Main Liners today.

Here’s what he had to say:


1. What is your signature procedure?

Rhinoplasty. I do it more of it than anything else and it is also my favorite procedure. It is extremely important to me to simultaneously treat both form and function. I often do joint cases on patients referred to me by other ear nose and throat specialtists in which I handle the cosmetic portion of the surgery and difficult breathing or nasal valve issues.

2. Why did you decide to specialize in facial plastics?

I just love the fact that it is a really exacting specialty and demands perfection. Your work is visible at all times and patients won’t settle for anything except the best! Additionally, the head and neck anatomy is so complex and I believe that you need to have an in-depth knowledge of that anatomy to operate in the face.

3. What celebrity facial parts do patients request?

Ashlee Simpson’s nose was really popular a few years ago, when she was more in the public eye. Angelina Jolie’s lips are also pretty commonly asked for, too.

4. Have you seen an uptick in request for procedures based on how patients see themselves on social media?

Absolutely! When people are holding cellular or mobile devices, they are always looking down. No one holds it straight or at eye level. As a result, many patients are looking for chin implants, neck lifts, or procedures to strengthen or define the jaw line, in order to make the neck look tighter.

5. What non- or minimally invasive procedures do you routinely recommend and why?

I’m a huge Scupltra Aesthetic fan! I love it because the results are really natural and don’t happen overnight. I tend to use Sculptra to volumize the face, almost as a “fat grafting procedure in a bottle.” Juvederm Voluma is really great filler that has been really “hot” with my patients. It offers a natural and long lasting midface augmentation and lift. Also, the ThermiTight procedure has been very popular in my office. It delivers radio frequency energy just beneath the surface of the skin with a tiny probe. It’s primarily used to tighten the sagging skin of the neck and jowls. Most patients that have the procedure on a Thursday or Friday are absolutely ready for work on that following Monday. The most common down time is some swelling, tenderness, numbness and very occasional bruising that can last for a few days to a week.

6. How do you address under-eye bags?

On the completely noninvasive end, I recommend Neotensil, a topical, breathable shapewear that compresses undereye bags. The benefits are evident within 1 to 3 hours, but not permanent. Fillers such as Restylane, Belotero or Restylane Silk can help camouflage dark circles or deep tear troughs. If only excess fat or puffiness is the issue, I will do a lower eyelid surgery through the eyelid, so there are no incisions on the face. In other cases, I may do a lower eyelid surgery and then resurface the eyelid with a chemical peel or laser or even remove a strip of excess eyelid skin. There are many options that can be tailored to the specific areas that need to be addressed and of course, patient preference.




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