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When it comes to lasers, dermatologic laser surgeon Eric F. Bernstein, MD, MSE, certainly knows his stuff. As the Director of Laser Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Center and a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania, he is often first in line to adapt a new laser technology. He is also widely published and even more widely quoted on the latest and greatest laser trends. Dr Bernstein, the director Main Line Center for Laser Surgery in in Ardmore, has more than 15 issued patents for laser and anti-aging technologies, both within the U.S. and worldwide. He sits as the Chairman of the Candela Laser Corporation Medical Advisory Board and was integral in developing many of the protocols for lasers in use throughout the world.

He has a laser Rx for any and all skin condition from the facial redness of rosacea and acne to hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. Bernstein also developed a companion product line to work with these treatments as well as on their own.

Bernstein spoke to Beauty In the Bag about lasers, lasers, and well, lasers. Here’s what we learned:


 1. What is your signature procedure?

I don’t do anything but lasers. I have more than 30 lasers. For acne scarring, I will use the Fraxel Dual, for red scars, I use Syneron Candela V-Beam Perfecta, and for tattoo removal, I use four or more lasers including Syneron Candela’s new picosend laser Picoway. My staff and I also do a lot of laser hair removal.

2. Tell us about LaseResults?

Watching the effect of lasers on the skin made me realize that to truly turn back the hands of time (really the sun), my patients had to change and make sun-protection and a rejuvenating regimen part of their daily routine. Many of the effects we’re looking for from lasers, are achievable with topicals if used every day. The five cardinal signs of skin aging, really sun-aging, are:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Sagging Skin
  • Redness
  • Brown spots-freckles and lentigos

Lasers address these quite well, but so do topical treatments. Although, to get rid of the extra veins one has from the sun, lasers do it best. This skin care collection brings the most effective symphony of ingredients® to people who want to halt or reverse the signs of skin aging and improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin. It includes moisturizers for day and night, cleansers and peels that all work in tandem with, or without, laser skin resurfacing.

3. What are the leading causes of premature aging?

One, two and three is the sun. Everyone comes in and says they don’t go in the sun. They don’t realize that they are getting 70% of Ultraviolet A rays when sitting in the car. I always suggest a clear window film to block out these damaging rays, Llumar Formula 1 film, it’s clear but blocks UV. Brown sunglasses are a must, and protect the retina from the most damaging visible violet, blue and green rays. Finally, of course, we must wear sunscreen every single day. Most of my patients sit in my office and say, “but I don’t go out in the winter”, my question to them is, “then how did you get here today!”

4. How do the products gel with laser treatments?

The products are really designed to be used alone, but since they were born in my laboratory and tested in my laser office, they get along quite well with laser procedures. They are a complete package. Our line does synergize quite well with laser treatments and enhances the results of laser treatment in my opinion, quite considerably. I often have patients use the LaseResults Calm and Restore Serum right after a laser treatment and for a week until the skin feels completely back to normal. Most of the lasers I use don’t result in down time, but the skin can be pink and sometimes puffy for a few days after treatment. I will often condition the skin with our entire regimen, to even out areas of increased pigmentation and stimulate collagen remodeling, before laser treatment.

 5. Is there a magic ingredient in LaseResults?

Everybody asks if there’s a single ingredient that does the job, but there’s not. At LaseResults, all ingredients work together in just the right way to get the results you will see after using LaseResults. In fact, in-office laser treatments work the same way. I often use two or even three lasers in a single treatment session, and as the skin changes, I will switch lasers again to get the best result possible. From a marketing standpoint, people always want to point out a single ingredient-but skin aging is so multi-factorial, and so is repairing it. That’s why I trademarked the line, A Symphony of Ingredients working in Concert®, I really mean that and that’s how we are able to achieve so great clinical results.

6. Speaking of lasers, what is laser-assisted drug delivery?

Two and two makes 10. When you use a topical combined with an in-office or home laser device, there is an enhanced penetration of topical ingredients due to the inflammation, increased blood flow, and disruption of the dead skin layer, the stratum corneum that results from laser treatment, and now everyone is realizing it. It allows you to turbo-boost the products’ effects.. For example, if you want to treat melasma (mask of pregnancy), The Clear and Brilliant laser can turbo boost the results of chemical peels, and other topicals to enhance their effect.. I don’t believe lasers help melasma much at all without using topicals at the same time.



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