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Beverly Hills Dermatologist Dr. Edgar Fincher completed his dermatology residency at Stanford University, where he studied the mechanisms of skin wound healing. He then relocated to Los Angeles for a Fellowship in Mohs micrographic surgery, laser surgery, and cosmetic surgery. Along with Dr. Ronald Moy and Dr. Lisa Chipps, he is a co-founder of Moy-Fincher-Chipps in Los Angeles. By offering a wide range of treatments and the latest cutting-edge technology, Dr. Fincher is able to customize the ideal surgical treatment for the individual patient and provide a variety of laser techniques to ensure the ideal outcome following either cosmetic surgery or facial reconstruction after tumor removal.


What procedures and treatments do you consider your specialties?

I really like designing combination treatments for patients. For example, I do a lot of laser resurfacing combined with facelifts or eyelid surgery. The reason for this is that it provides the complete package, the complete benefits to the patient. The lifting procedure turns back the clock, countering the effect of gravity and aging, but does not help the true appearance of the skin. By combining laser resurfacing in the same procedure, I can remove unwanted pigment, wrinkles, sun damaged collagen and restore new, brighter skin. The end result is total rejuvenation, down deep and on the surface.

I also find liposuction rewarding. Traditional liposuction, SmartLipo, or what I use most often—a combination of both—allows me to sculpt a person’s body into the shape they desire. Smoothing out those difficult areas that just won’t go away despite exercise or diet.

Which procedures do you find are most commonly requested by patients?

Many patients are looking for a rejuvenating procedure that has limited downtime. Lighter fractionated laser resurfacing (CO2 or Erbium) treatments or radiofrequency skin tightening (Pellevé or Thermage) provide excellent results in this category.

As far as surgical procedures that generate the biggest results with the least amount of downtime, neck liposuction and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) are the two that can make a tremendous difference in the overall appearance of a patient with only a limited amount of recovery time.

How are laser treatments changing the practice of dermatology and cosmetic surgery? How will it continue to change?

The advances in laser technology over the past 20 years have been phenomenal. Lasers are faster, more precise, and deliver excellent results in a safer manner with less downtime for the patient. There have also been many new types of devices that provide alternatives to surgical procedures for patients with early signs of aging. Radiofrequency tightening devices are an option for younger patients who have the earliest signs of jowls or softening in the cheek area because they are able to lift and counter gravity in a low risk way. With regular visits, these devices slow the aging process and help many patients avoid or delay a surgical procedure.

Laser or light technology will continue to offer us new advances in the future. We now have devices that can reduce cellulite, as well as better ways to perform liposuction with quicker healing and better results. The future will bring even more effective non-invasive devices to melt fat away. Further development will bring better results in this area.

Tell us about the Thermage procedure—how does it maximize neck rejuvenation when combined with liposuction?

Thermage and Pellevé are radiofrequency tightening devices that heat the skin, causing the collagen to contract and the skin to tighten. When combined with neck liposuction in a careful manner, some patients will receive enhanced tightening and better results after healing. This combination is best for patients with more skin excess or heavier skin (as in male patients) where the extra skin contraction is necessary to achieve the maximal result. For most patients, liposuction alone is enough to provide excellent contraction, contour and beautiful results.

What comes next for you and your practice?

I always look forward to my next patient. Each patient is different and he or she has particular needs or desires that will require the exact combination of treatments to achieve the results they wish. In our practice, we have over 20 lasers at our disposal, as well as the latest technologies available. Combining these with years of surgical experience allows me to make subtle changes, customizations in surgical procedures or laser treatments, or to use combination approaches to achieve the maximal results, all while always preserving the natural beauty and appearance of my patient.

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