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Dr. Deepak Dugar, founder of Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center™, is the only Board Certified Rhinoplasty Surgeon in the United States whose entire surgical practice is dedicated to Scarless Nose™ Surgery. Known for his artistry with subtle nose jobs, patients travel from around the world to see Dr. Dugar for his discrete Scarless Nose™ technique.

Dr. Dugar grew up in Beaumont, Texas where he learned small town values of trust and integrity at a young age from his parents and older siblings. He graduated Valedictorian of his high school class of 525 students, earned the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout, and was awarded the prestigious National Merit Scholar award based on his academic achievements. He was then selected into the accelerated 7-year B.A./M.D. combined medical program at The George Washington University. During his time in D.C., Dr. Dugar traveled the globe learning from countless Plastic Surgery mentors who helped guide his career, and was then accepted into a highly competitive top 10 surgical training program at The University of North Carolina where he completed his Head and Neck and Facial Plastic Surgery training.

After graduating from his Facial Plastic Surgery training, having performed over 5,000 surgical cases, Dr. Dugar became Board Certified and was accepted as the final legacy fellow of Dr. Raj Kanodia’s Advanced Closed Rhinoplasty Fellowship. Here, he learned the art behind the science of Scarless Noses directly from the master himself, Dr. Raj Kanodia, one of the world’s most famous and masterful Scarless Nose surgeon to ever practice. Dr. Dugar deeply believes in his choice for super-specialization in scarless noses to create an atmosphere of total mastery at the

Dr. Dugar is married to his college sweetheart, Dr. Puja Roy, who performs all the Anesthesiology at the Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center™. During their free time, Drs. Dugar and Roy enjoy spending time with family, the outdoors lifestyle of Los Angeles, fine dining, and socializing with friends.

BITB had the pleasure of catching up with Dr. Dugar to learn about his work as a plastic surgeon and the treatments his patients can’t live without.

How has the pandemic changed the way you practice?

The pandemic made us all more appreciative of our health and family.  In a lot of ways, it reset the way we think about how short life is and how we should do the things we want and live the healthiest and most peak performance versions of our lives.  This translates to the confidence people want in their daily lives and into the way we want to look and feel our best.  A lot of patients who were considering plastic surgery actively engaged in pursuing this consideration during the pandemic because of the obvious convenience of working from home and having the downtime to recover.  Plastic Surgery has a deeper purpose than the simple vanity that most of us think about it. It’s about removing insecurities to focus on living the best versions of our lives.  The purpose isn’t to inflict the surgeon’s desires on the patient, but rather to remove/improve the small anatomical configurations causing such anxiety or focus, so that the patient can be free and live life the way it was intended.  This of course gets abused by a few patients and a few doctors, but the majority of patients are realistic in their expectations and most doctors are ethical in their practicing.

What are the top three most popular procedures your patients are asking for right now? 

Number one is still Closed Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty. It remains on the rise and one of the most sought-after procedures because the nose is in the center of the face and balances the harmony of the face in so many ways.  Closed Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty is especially on the rise because patients are tired of the overly done “instagram” nose jobs that look fake and pinched with unnecessary scars and usually a repercussion of overly aggressive open rhinoplasty surgeries. Closed Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty is harder to find because most surgeons today prefer open rhinoplasty as it is the most commonly taught technique in training because it is easier to teach. The learning curve to master Closed Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty is much longer so very few surgeons are willing to take the time to master this skillset. That being said, not all patients are good candidates for Closed Scarless Nose Rhinopasty and may be better suited for traditional Open Rhinoplasty, but honest consultation is key. Any doctor touting that open rhinoplasty is always better is not being ethical and honest and just marketing their preferred skillset as opposed to putting the patient’s interests first.  Same with any doctor touting closed rhinoplasty is always best. The consultation is meant to explore what is best for the patient’s best interest – not the surgeons. I only perform Closed Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty as 100% of my surgical practice (master of One mentality) but I am very honest with my consultations and routinely turn down 30-40% of my consults and refer them to open rhinoplasty colleagues who would be better suited for those patient’s needs. Unfortunately, there is no cookie cutter answer for who would be best for which type of surgery, as it depends on the patient’s individual anatomy and the patient’s desires – both of which must be taken into consideration to see what is realistic regarding which surgical approach should be undertaken. My opinion is that noses should be done once and right the first time, so take the time to find the best surgeon for YOUR nose via honest consultations from doctors honest about their skillset.

Neuromodulators (Dysport, Botox, etc) and Fillers are continuing to be on the rise as patient want small tweaks sometimes that doesn’t require major downtime.  Injections are one of the most rapidly growing fields in Plastic Surgery and the providers doing them expands every day. It’s not just Plastic Surgeons anymore – now Dermatologists, Nurses, Physician Assistants, and other types of cosmetic doctors are all entering the practice of injections. Consumers should be aware that common things being common, most providers will be safe, but safety with injectables remains huge.  I find some nurses are better injectors than some doctors who don’t practice these techniques enough or have enough cosmetic experience. But that’s not a generic statement – some of the best injectors in the world remain Plastic Surgeons who have trained and lead the world in the injectables space. Celebrities have pushed the boundaries for patient desires wanting jawline enhancement, chin fillers, temple rejuvenation, lip fillers, laugh line fillers and more in addition to keeping a natural appearance with reduction of wrinkles with neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport.

Hugely on the rise are the lasers and devices that can non-surgically transform a patient’s skin or body shape such as Emsculpt and other devices trending widely across the world. These lasers offer low downtime options for transformation without surgery or injectables. This space, like the injectables space, has also been widely watered down by so many types of practitioners (outside of Plastic Surgery) now offering these devices. The key is to go to reputable practices with a long track record of safe reliable results overall.

What are your predictions for the future of surgical and non-surgical treatments for the face and body?

I think more non-surgical treatments will continue to rise and surgical results as they continue to improve and refine, will also grow. I feel the market will only grow exponentially over the next several decades as the health and wellness peak continues to grow. People want to live the most peak version of themselves and these procedures continue to offer that achievement and availability of these procedures will only continue to grow.


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