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Dr. Bob Basu graduated Magna Cum Laude with High Honors from Princeton University and received his M.D. and Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degrees from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts.

He completed his general surgery training at the prestigious George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D.C. and his training in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery at Michael E. DeBakey Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, Baylor College of Medicine.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Basu’s medical research focuses on analyzing outcomes in cosmetic plastic surgery. He believes nothing matters more than patient safety.

BITB spoke with Dr. Basu about his passion for his career, trending treatments and the future of plastic surgery.


1. Can you tell us about your passion for your career? Who / what inspired you to become a plastic surgeon?
What drew me to the specialty of plastic surgery is the added dimension of not only performing an anatomically functional procedure but also the desire to ensure the best aesthetic outcomes.  Simply put, I love achieving excellent aesthetic results that are balanced and refreshed.  As plastic surgeons, we are blessed to have the privilege to transform lives every day. And today’s contemporary techniques brings us at the intersection of art, science, and technology.

2. What are the most popular procedures clients are asking for / you recommend and why?
The demand for non-invasive procedures continues to rise. Patients want instant results with as little downtime as possible. I always evaluate each patient and consider their options for non-invasive procedure(s) as a viable alternative to a surgical option, especially if it will effectively meet the patient’s expectations/goals.

Pop culture (reality TV) and the omni-present impact of social media has clearly shaped the American aesthetic sense. For instance, the desire for the perfect “selfie” has lead to a sharp increase in millennials asking for fillers and botox, procedures previously in demand only from the baby-boomer generation. Lip enhancement with Juvederm is by far the most popular procedure for our millennial patients. But balanced beautiful lips remains a common demand across all generations. Our gen-X’ers and baby boomer patients love cheek/midface restoration with Voluma, Botox and Juvederm for wrinkles. Men and women are also opting for more lasting definitive results are choosing face and neck lifts with fat micro grafting to achieve that refreshed look.

On the surgical side, curves are in. Whether in designing a mommy makeover or a body lift from weight loss, simultaneous liposculpting is now the norm to achieve that desirable hour-glass shape.  Mommy makeovers have traditionally entailed procedures to restore the breasts and tummy area after pregnancies. Now, I often meet patients who are also seeking buttock sculpting with fat transfers (Brazilian buttock augmentation) as part of their mommy makeover restorations.

Patients are also more health conscious. Every week, we visit with men and women who have lost a significant amount of weight from lifestyle changes and/or weight loss surgery. After they lose the weight, they are now faced with a new challenge- undesirable loose skin. A circumferential body lift is a powerful procedure that can redefine the entire midsection by combining an extended tummy tuck with a mons (pubic) lift,  lateral thigh and waist lift, and a lower back and buttock lift all into one procedure. As I mentioned, curves are in. Over 90 percent of my female full body lift patients are opting to include buttock auto-augmentation (using their own excess tissue to add buttock volume lost from their weight loss). A body lift with buttock auto-augmentation is transformative to achieve that desirable hour-glass shape. And the use of advanced pain control techniques such as my nerve blocks with 3-4 day acting Exparel makes patients comfortable and safe to go home the same day after these extensive procedures.  Non-narcotic pain management techniques with Exparel has revolutionized the post-operative experience for my patients.

We’ve seen another evolution in what I consider the “modern-day mommy makeover.” In addition to anatomically restoring the breast, tummy, and other areas too often better than what it was before having kids, surgeons can now address the wellness and sexual health sequelae from pregnancy. ThermiVa, a minimally invasive, FDA-approved treatment can improve the external aesthetics of the vaginal area while tightening internal tissue and promoting rejuvenation at the cellular level improving sexual function and incontinence.

3. What are your predictions for the future of surgical and non-surgical treatments for the body?
We currently depend on a patient’s own fat for larger volume enhancements (such as the Brazilian buttock augmentation/lift). However, what are the options for patients who are too fit or thin for fat transfer procedures? My prediction is that advances in tissue engineering will yield new, more cost-effective options than the current fillers that are currently available to perform large volume enhancements (such as the BBL by Sciton) without at patent’s fat. These future options will also be useful in reconstructive plastic surgery. In addition, we are still in need of a reliable non-invasive modality to help tighten loose skin consistently. Radiofrequency technology is showing some early promise for mild to moderate changes. But truly reliable and effective non-invasive skin tightening remains the holy grail.

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