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03-19-17 | Posted by

Dr. Ben Johnson developed Osmosis Skincare with the goal of changing the direction of skin care away from excessive exfoliation and renewing the focus of dermal remodelling. Osmosis works on every skin condition and on every skin type. One of his goals is to transform the aesthetic industry and help move people away from weakening the skin. According to Dr. Johnson, the industry should address the actual source of the imbalance. He believes permanent change is possible; the skin just needs to be inspired.

Dr. Johnson spoke with BITB about how we can bring our dry winter skin back to life and which Osmosis Skincare products are his favorites.


1. Tell us a little bit about Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare. What was your inspiration for creating the skincare and makeup line?

I formulated Osmosis after several years in the aesthetic industry where I witnessed a flawed approach to aging and damaged skin. Products were not achieving long term results and many of the strategies being employed were meant to mask a problem, not treat the source of the problem. So I decided to look for the truth. How does the skin truly heal itself? What is the true source of acne, rosacea, eczema, etc? That intention was surprisingly powerful and resulted in inspirations for unique formulas that often do the opposite of what our industry currently recommends. It lead me to meet other innovators who had spent decades on new ingredients or devices that allow me to treat many of the toughest skin conditions from a holistic strategy that does not harm the skin or the body.

2. What are a few of your favorite products in the Osmosis line for taking care of dry winter skin?

Winter skin is created by a lack of skin nutrients. Cold air causes our skin capillaries to narrow which reduces the skin’s food supply, slows cell turnover and healing and creates more barrier issues that result in dry, easily damaged skin. Osmosis has a patent-pending method of delivering the right nutrients to the skin 600% better than most formulas. Our Vitamin A serums, like Osmosis Calm, keep the skin moving and well fed so that it stays moist in the winter. Yes moisturizers like Osmosis Quench are helpful, but the real work gets done in the dermis.

3. Do you have a daily skincare routine you follow?

Osmosis has a few products that work in different ways but all play a critical role in age reversal. Yes, that is right, permanent age reversal. Osmosis is one of the few lines in the world that is capable of permanent change because we inspire the skin to maximize its healing potential. These are the age reversing products I use in my routine; 1) Renew is our strongest Vitamin A serum; it feeds the skin and stimulates collagen so that every month your skin continually gets younger, 2) Catalyst AC-11 is our DNA repair and elastin stimulator serum that recently finished a clinical trial where it increased elasticity by 110%, healed capillaries by 67%, and did many other things including to help heal AK’s which are pre-cancerous, 3) Rescue is our patented texture and age spot serum designed to heal the layers of the skin responsible for our epidermis, pores, and texture; age spots are permanently improved by it, 4) StemFactor is our stem cell growth factor serum that improves wound healing capacity by replacing lost growth factors and supplying key nutrients to the skin. The combination of these twice daily will permanently change and heal your skin. However, topical strategies alone are not the answer. We offer cutting edge supplements that replicate hormones in the body, restore balance, detox, and promote healing of the imbalances within the body that affect our health and the health of the skin. I would not want to live without Vigor (frequency hormones including HGH), Inner Harmony (frequencies that help the gut, joints, organs and detox), Sugar Detox (controls insulin surges), Elevate (increases ATP in the cells), and Restore (our patented immune booster).

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