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12-27-15 | Posted by

For beauty know-it-all Dara Levy, the creation of DERMAFLASH was a lifelong dream. Considered the ‘beauty maven’ in her circle of friends, Dara took her passion for aesthetic beauty up a notch when she opened a luxury medspa in Chicago’s Gold Coast in 2009. Rather than just turning women on to her latest beauty discoveries, she decided to bring together the best of the best treatments, products, and experts all under one gorgeous roof. In December 2015, her first beauty innovation DERMAFLASH was launched, and she has more innovations in the pipeline.

Dara sat down for skinny lattes with BITB, and we picked her beauty brain about her new company and what the future holds.

What inspired you to create a beauty brand?

From talking to my own circle of girlfriends, as well as my daughters and their friends, and running a busy medspa for half a decade, I learned a lot about what women really want and need. So I started to tinker with the idea of launching my own brand to fill what I think is an unmet niche. My goal is to break new ground by giving women solutions they can use at home or on the go to help them solve some of the key beauty challenges we all face. Most women want the same or similar things. We want to look good, to look good for our age (a few years younger than what is printed on your Driver’s License), have great skin, and feel healthy, vibrant and attractive for as long as possible. “There are so many good skin care and makeup brands already on the market, but I wanted to do something different that has not been done before.” DERMAFLASH is just that. I was told that it’s the kind of product you see and say – why didn’t I think of that?! It gets rid of dead skin cells, built up environmental debris, and best of all peach fuzz in less than  ten minutes once per week.

How did you come up with the concept of DERMAFLASH?

At the medspa, one of our most popular treatments was called DERMAFLASH, which was our unique twist on the concept of dermaplaning to exfoliate the skin. Everyone loved this treatment and they were getting compliments about their skin from their boyfriends, husbands, and friends. It was an amazing response. At our peak we had a waiting list to get in for DERMAFLASH. So I thought about how the treatment worked and came up with the idea of recreating the principles in a simple at-home system.  We saw how much women wanted smooth skin that allowed their makeup to glide on effortlessly, and they also were looking for an easy, painless way to get rid of peach fuzz.  So after a lot of brainstorming, a few prototypes later, we came up with the DERMAFLASH that is now on the shelves of Sephora, which was one of my dreams for the brand. With DERMAFLASH, we are able to help women achieve healthy, radiant, younger-looking skin, and control facial hair at home.  No matter how busy and hectic your life is, every woman can find ten minutes a week to look after her skin.

Aside from DERMAFLASH what are some of your favorite beauty products?

My obsessions range across channels and from mass to class, and I am brand agnostic. I am an all or nothing girl.  Quite often I will throw on just my Brown Topaz Almay Eye Pencil to finely line the eye and bring out coppery gold flecks. I love the quick fix of Amore Pacific”s Color Cushion Compact SPF50 that provides light coverage and a great finish, which is all you really need if you DERMAFLASH regularly. I am obsessed with By Terry  Terrybly Nude (100), it is the perfect nude lip!

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