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08-27-17 | Posted by

Dallas is not only a 26-year-old self-taught artist, but she’s also the salon owner of Dallas Beauty Lounge, which has a waiting list of more than 80 people. She has been painting nails since she was 14 years old but didn’t get into the business of painting nails until she got to college. Now 8 years later, Dallas has built a beauty empire! Besides being the most talented in the area, Dallas is also the most sought-after, anybody who is somebody in the Pittsburgh area goes to Dallas Beauty Lounge. Dallas and her team take nail art very seriously, they want their clients to leave with custom art that reflects their personality, they are on the cutting-edge of trends and products.

Beauty in the Bag interviewed the impressive Dallas Sauers; she shared her story on how she started her beauty empire, some of her favorite products and how she comes up with some of her unique nail art designs.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you become so passionate about nail art? What inspired you to open your own nail salon?

I am a 26-year-old mom & nail tech & salon owner. I started my career when I worked in a non-standard salon near my childhood neighborhood. At the time, my dad lost his business in a horrible flood, and so I chose to go to work at age 14. Every day I walked to this salon from age 14-21 and worked there throughout college too. During my stay at this salon, I discovered my passion for working with people while using my creativity. I have always been artistic and into beauty and this is the perfect marriage of both. When I was 21 I decided it was time to set out on my own because I wanted a salon with higher standards for work, cleanliness and employee satisfaction. It was at that time that I realized I wanted to become an educator and help others learn what and why I was so passionate about. I tested to become an educator with Gelish when I was 21 and since then have worked with them as one out of a handful a Master Educators for the company. I also train my own salon staff, work on editorial photoshoots, New York Fashion Week, trade shows, and distributor classes. I worked alone out of my house for 2 years before opening our first brick and mortar location and taking on a staff of 18. Although we have gained most of our notoriety from our nail art, I now operate a full-service salon offering everything from Botox to microblading to hair extensions. We have a month long wait list to get an appointment at the salon and we most recently won an award as “Best Business in Pittsburgh.”


2. Dallas Beauty Lounge has a vast library of beautiful designs. How do you come up with nail art ideas? And what is the most popular design requested?

For nail art ideas, we usually take inspiration from a ton of different things. We encourage our clients to bring in photos of things they like- from other nail stylists, the runway, a dress they want to match for an event, and we take it from there. My favorite way to come up with designs is to find out what look my clients love and add my editorial spin to it. However, the most requested design at Dallas Beauty Lounge is most definitely florals. Florals are great because they are always seasonal, whether it’s a summer hibiscus or a winter holly. A lot of our clients also pull inspo from our own Instagram pages @dallasbeautylounge.

3. What are some of your favorite products that you use that you can’t live without? What tips can you share with us to keep our nails/nail art looking fresh longer?

1. Gelish Polygel because it’s so easy to work with and gives beautiful results 2. Presto Black Artliner for linework, and 3. my Gelish nail art brushes! I could do almost anything with these three products! Another one of my favorite trade secrets is the BEST top coat for keeping your gel manicures brighter & last longer- Akzentz Ultragloss. This is a no-stain topcoat that keeps your light-colored gel from staining with things like tanning products and hair color. Another favorite trick I have for long-lasting manicures is using cuticle oil!! This is the smallest input for the greatest output. Using cuticle oil on and around your nails twice a day keep your nails healthy and flexible which keep your gel on longer!

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