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08-14-16 | Posted by

Miami plastic surgeon Constantino Mendieta, MD, was talking about butts – and how to enhance them – since before the Kardashian family and their curves took reality TV by storm and even before most rappers started singing their praises.

And he is not surprised about the attention that buttock augmentation procedures are getting today. In fact, he’s been waiting for it. In 2015, there was a 21% increase in butt implants and fat transfer combined, and a 32% increase in buttock lifts, according to statistics compiled yearly by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

And while popular culture has a lot to do with ushering butts into the limelight so to do advances in fat grafting techniques and technologies.

Dr. Mendieta chatted with Beauty in The Bag about butts and other body parts that can be enhanced with fat grafting. Here’s what he had to say:


1. Why are big butts so big today?

“Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez put curves into fashion, but it’s not about size. It’s about shape, perkiness and contour. If you ask women if they want a bigger buttock, the majority of them will say ‘no,’ but if you ask them ‘do you want a shapelier perky buttock that is in proportion to your body?’ Most will say yes. Buttock augmentation with implants has a high complication rate. Using a patients’ own body fat eliminates risks that could potentially occur with implants. More plastic surgeons are now using fat to augment in a subtle manner. Last year, there were 18,487 fat transfers to the butt. It’s the body part that is in vogue now. Buttock augmentation will be just as popular as breast augmentation in another 10 years. We are only approaching the tip of the iceberg.”

2. Is this just a female thing?

 “No, I had it done. I’m seeing more and more men too. When they come to see me though, they’re concerned about the stigma, so they sort of sneak in and ask, ‘what can you do with fat from liposuction?’ The answer is a lot. Technology is improving. We have new machinery to re-inject fat and there are new ways that we collect and purify it. Initially there were some issues with how much re-injected fat survived, but we are getting really good at it. In men, I use fat for the ‘Adonis’ procedure which recontours the shoulders, chest and abdomen. In women, it’s butts, followed by breasts, followed by calves. I also use it to rejuvenate faces, hands and private parts. It’s the best filler in the world. “

3. Can fat grafting alone produce a Kardashian-like behind?

“As we age, we lose fat from the buttocks, and fat transfer can naturally replace what is lost. One fat grafting treatment won’t produce a Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian butt. That can take one or two surgeries depending on someone’s body frame. We would typically put one to two lbs. of fat in each cheek per surgery.”


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