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Colette Courtion has always been a risk taker. This Seattle-based entrepreneur and innovator’s passion is to bring unique products to market that create the best experiences for women. After working for mega consumer brands Pepsi and Starbucks in leadership roles, she began her entrepreneurial career when she launched a line of medical aesthetic clinics in 2005. After building a nationally known brand and selling the company, she became the CEO/ President and Chief Beauty Innovator at JeNu, an at-home beauty device company utilizing ultrasound technology.

It was her most personal journey into motherhood and learning from her girlfriends about the unfortunate changes that occur from giving birth and aging that inspired her to create a product for the millions of women suffering from pelvic floor issues. Harnessing her background in medical aesthetics, Colette partnered with OB/GYNs and launched Joylux in 2014 to bring to market the first and only home device to address women’s vaginal health in 2014.  Her innovations, vFit, vFit PLUS and vSculpt, are now leading the way in the femtech space.

BITB spoke with Colette on how she balances leading a global women’s health technology company and empowering women to live their best lives, with being a loving mom to her son.

1. We’d love to know about your inspiration for creating Joylux, Inc. What has the journey been like to creating products that improve the quality of life for women?

 As I began my journey to motherhood, my girlfriends shared with me some physical changes that occur as a result of giving birth and aging. Building on my background in medical aesthetics, I was inspired to create products for the millions of women suffering from pelvic floor issues. Partnering with medical professionals, OB/GYNs and experts in light therapy, I officially started Joylux in 2014. Our company is dedicated to empowering women to improve their health and confidence and ultimately demystify women’s health issues to make them as mainstream as the struggles men experience as they age.

Historically, we’ve seen a majority of product development and innovation come from men. Fortunately, as more women enter the fields of engineering, science and tech, we’re seeing an increase in company and product launches addressing women’s intimate health concerns. We’re at a pivotal time in history for women on so many fronts. And while there are still barriers within the male-dominated investment community and because women’s sexual health remains a taboo topic of conversation, the time for products like vFit and vFit PLUS is now.

There’s no reason women should continue to suffer in silence. We have technologies and solutions to help address things far more important than surface beauty- very real issues that affect a woman’s quality of life.

2. Some women may be hesitant (or even embarrassed!) to talk about vaginal rejuvenation. What impact have you seen vFit and vFit PLUS have on women and their confidence?

We’re well into the 21st century and it’s still not ok to talk about vaginal health. Far too many women are still terrified to use words like vulva and vagina, let alone discuss with their friends, partners or even their doctor about what’s going on in their sex lives. And, frankly, it’s completely understandable. Girls are conditioned from a young age to think of their vaginas as something dirty or secret. We say, to heck with that. Every woman deserves to have a healthy vagina and a thriving sex life — and she deserves to have all her questions answered.

It’s conservatively estimated that 1 in 3 women experience pelvic floor issues that can impact self-confidence and sexual function. Pregnancy, the process of childbirth, hormone changes during menopause and aging can affect the cells and tissues of the vagina and the muscles of the pelvic floor. With vFit and vFit PLUS, our professional model, which includes additional features and treatment times to allow women to achieve better results faster, women can expect to feel greater sensation, comfort, and pleasure as well as an increase in vaginal wellness and sexual function. And, as proven in 60-day trials with vFit, 89% of women also reported experiencing increased confidence with intercourse.

3. What is the best business advice you’ve been told and still use today?

The best business advice I have received is advice I follow daily: never take “no” as an answer. Even when you are told time and again, NO, continue to persevere. Keep fighting until you find the best partner(s), secure the best investor(s), recruit the best employee(s), are marketing to your optimal audience(s) and selling to the right customers.

As a businesswoman, working in an industry that’s been marginalized by society in the past, marketing a product that addresses issues that are seen as taboo, it’s required that I be unwavering in my passion for our mission. Leaders don’t take no for an answer. Instead, they find creative ways to turn a “no” into a “yes”.

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