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02-05-17 | Posted by

Founded in 2011 by celebrity lash expert Clementina Richardson, Envious Lashes is one of New York’s most sought after Lash Extension salons.  Specializing in the art of eyelash extensions and applications resulting in longer, thicker, fuller and more beautiful looking eyelashes, Clementina and her team of talented lash artists are committed to transforming your eyes to convey a beautiful natural look in her fashionably chic, intimate studio located on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

Since opening, Clementina has built up an incredible list of loyal international and celebrity clientele, including Mary J Blige, Naomi Campbell, Kate Capshaw and Nicole Baharie among many who keep coming back again and again for her amazing personalized attention and artistry.

BITB spoke with Clementina about extensions and trending styles that will make you want to bat your lashes all day long.


1. How and when did you become interested in the lash styling?

In 2007 while working in a spa as a nail tech, the owner of the spa offered the opportunity to become a lash stylist to one of the hairdressers.  She had no interest so I took the initiative and opportunity for myself. I trained myself for a month before taking the class.

2. For someone who has never received lash extensions, what can they expect when they come to Envious Lashes? 

At Envious Lashes each service begins with an in-depth consultation. Our stylists assess the clients eye shape, depth and length as well as the texture and condition of the natural lashes. We also look at their coloring and ask about their lifestyle and the look they want to achieve. Once a desired look is agreed upon, the stylists suggest the set or sets that will create the look our clients want. We usually offer two different options that will fit the clients budget. The process takes anywhere between one to two hours depending on the stylist and set being applied. Once the set is complete we discuss all after-care procedures which include frequency of touch ups (ever 2-3 weeks), avoiding wetting the lashes for the first 48 hours, proper cleaning of eyelashes using our specially formulated cleanser and maintaining the health of the eyelashes with the use of our conditioner.

3. In your view, what lash and brow styles will be trending in the future?

An exaggerated cat eye shape continues to be the most desired trend and will definitely still be for 2017.  Another trend we can expect to see is bottom lash extensions which create a more balanced and finished look. Our clients want a complete look without having to spend any time applying makeup and we are able to accomplish this for them with these services.

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