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Khorsandi-HSEveryone who sets foot on the Las Vegas strip tends to see themselves as a Very Imporant Person (VIP), but as many a weekend gambler or tourist soon learns, all that glitters isn’t gold. That said, there are still places in Vegas where VIP actually means something — including VIP Plastic Surgery. Christopher Khorsandi, MD is the chief plastic surgeon at VIP Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. He is board certified in plastic surgery, and trained in minimally invasive hand surgery and migraine relief surgery. “No matter if you just walked off the runway, run a family, or are running between jobs, we want our patients to feel like VIPs,” he tells Beauty on the Bag. Dr Khorsandi shared other insights about his practice and what people in Sin City are really looking for when it comes to cosmetic surgery — and some of his answers may surprise you!


Here’s what he had to say:

What is your practice mantra at VIP Plastic Surgery?

We do not have a factory mentality with anything we do. We believe in tailored treatments and an atmosphere that is never rushed or pressured.

Tell us what people in Las Vegas are looking for in terms of cosmetic enhancements. Is bigger still considered better?

Las Vegas is really a major hub for plastic surgery and making things bigger will always be a part of the plastic surgery landscape, but I believe the days of 1,200 cc breast implants and humongous trout pout lips are behind us. What we do hear from nearly all our patients is that they want to be bigger, but at the same time they want to look natural. It almost seems contradictory, but I do believe you can go big and still look good. So how do we accomplish this? We take a tailored approach to implant and filler selection. We use a 3D modeling system called VECTRA 3D to show patients what they will look like with different amounts of volume. That way we get just enough augmentation to satisfy even the most discerning patients. As a result, this creates the highest level of satisfaction in our patients which is reflected in our online reviews.

What is your signature procedure?

I pride myself on my rhinoplasties. I think it’s the top level of plastic surgery and it takes a keen eye and a skilled hand to deliver results. There are many plastic surgeons out there but very few of them excel at rhinoplasty. It’s a surgery of millimeters, and it takes an almost obsessive attention to detail to make it work well.

What are the biggest trends that you are seeing today?

In terms of trends we are seeing increasing numbers of women looking for Brazilian Butt Lifts and gluteal augmentation. I think this trend will continue for a few more years as the techniques have become safer and more predictable. The butt augmentation is like the new breast augmentation. Case in point: Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Issue this year featured three derrieres. Women are embracing the idea that you can have a more shapely backside without having to do thousands of squats in the gym seven days a week. Our first choice for butt augmentation is fat. We tend to use fat for augmentation 8 to 1 in our practice because you get the added benefit of liposuction and body contouring. However, there are implants available for patients with little donor fat available. With the number of patients we are seeing, Butt Lifts are second in line for my signature procedure.

Tell us about migraine relief surgery, and how it is changing the way these debilitating headaches are treated.

Migraine relief surgery is a new field of plastic surgery that has developed in the last decade to address the issue of chronic migraine pain. We know that Botulinum toxin can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks. The mechanism of action is likely the paralysis of small muscles that surround and pinch nerves in the scalp and forehead. Surgery looks to reduce migraine attacks by releasing the muscle from around the nerve and allowing for decompression of the nerve. Studies performed at Harvard University in Boston and other notable institutions have indicated that these techniques have lead to improvement in 90% of patients. It’s a very exciting new field, and we are one of the few practices nationwide offering the treatment.

 How would your patients describe you and your bedside manner?

I think they would say that I have a passion for what I do and that I enjoy my job which translates into a positive office environment. It’s a privilege to get to do the work that I do and be able to be part of so many peoples’ life journey. I enjoy the practice and the people. In other fields of medicine there is this need to see high volumes of patients in order to make ends meet. In my practice, I can spend quality time with my patients. It’s like the old days of medicine where your doctor actually knew who you were, and remembered you. Some patients tell me it’s the most interaction that they get to have with a physician. I often get the sideline: “Hey Doctor Khorsandi, can you take a look at something for me?” Or, “I have a family member who is undergoing this type of medical treatment, what do you think?” I think it’s a compliment to the amount of trust we have built with our patients.

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