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Bethany Hilt, founder and president/CEO of Vertere® Skin Care, is not one to accept the status quo. Frustrated with layering on numerous products to fight the signs of aging, and still ending up with blemishes, she created Vertere. The brand’s hero product does it all—wrinkles reducer, moisturizer, acne fighter, skin brightener, and sun protector. And by the end of the year, a multifunctional cleanser will join the regimen.

Beauty in the Bag asked Bethany about this unique approach to skincare. Here is what she said.


Tell us a bit about your background. How did you come to create the Vertere line? Do you have a background in beauty?

I began making skin care products with my grandmother when I was six years old, and passionately researched ingredients from a young age through adulthood to understand which ingredients truly performed, the percentages of those ingredients to seek, which ingredients clogged pores, and more.

I developed Vertere® (pronounced ver-tare-ah, which is Latin, meaning “to turn”) out of my frustration with not only layering multiple products morning and night to get the results I wanted but also because I couldn’t find anti-aging products that didn’t contribute to breakouts. Vertere is the first and only skin care brand to improve the appearance of aging, hyperpigmentation, and adult acne with ONE regimen and it can be used by all skin tones.

Vertere is luxury skin care that delivers clinical results, which is unique, because we are typically forced to choose between luxury or performance when it comes to skin care. I develop every Vertere product to feel lush while it is refining and transforming your skin.

How common is adult acne? What ages does it affect?

Adult acne spans a very wide age range, from 20 to 60 and beyond, and it is becoming increasingly common according to a 2011 American Academy of Dermatology study. More than 25 percent of women in their 40s experience adult acne, and that figure doubles for those in their 20s. It is also possible to suffer acne for the first time as an adult. Attempting to reduce blemishes while trying to prevent wrinkles is an extraordinarily frustrating experience—and one of the reasons I created Vertere.

What sets Vertere apart from the competition?

Because Vertere is the first and only skin care brand to improve the appearance of aging, hyperpigmentation, and adult acne with one regimen, our multitasking ethos truly sets us apart. For example, our patented Dramatic Transformation Cream SPF 15 may help to replace up to five products you’re currently using as it is a moisturizer, sunscreen, wrinkle smoother, blemish minimizer, and lightening product in one. Vertere is also hydroquinone-free and paraben-free.

As a product developer, is there a skincare ingredient that you wish companies would just stop using?

A highly comodegenic thickening agent called isopropyl myristate. It appears in many cosmetics and skincare products, and must be avoided by those who suffer from adult acne

What should consumers look for in a skincare treatment to make sure it will be affective?

Synergistic blends of ingredients proven to benefit the skin and present in the percentages shown to be effective are a must. Many products often include only one primary ingredient, and even then the ingredient may be present in only a small amount.

Dramatic Transformation Cream SPF 15, for example, contains more than 60 percent clinically active ingredients. It also contains multiple proven ingredients at clinically proven levels, such as 10 percent lactic acid and two percent Alpha Arbutin.

If you could invent any skincare ingredient, what would it do?

If I could invent any skincare ingredient, it would be one that supports my multitasking philosophy. It would resurface, clear, and even the skin simultaneously with minimal irritation.

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