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06-18-17 | Posted by

For almost 20 years, celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff has been beautifying some of the world’s most celebrated women.

While first exploring her passion for makeup, she realized no woman was one even tone; in fact, many women had multiple tones from redness and broken capillaries to hyperpigmentation, dark circles or discoloration from birth marks. Ashunta began using two shades of foundation to properly even out her clients’ complexion and give them a lifted, sleek, flawless face. This is how The Perfect Face was born.

In 2014, Ashunta launched an Indiegogo campaign to be able to create and expand her Ashunta Sheriff Beauty (ASB) product line. Working in the beauty industry for so long, she learned what works best for each person and how to put emphasis on their beauty.

BITB spoke with Ashunta about her career as a celebrity makeup artist as well as the new journey she’s begun with SmartGraft – the revolutionary hair restoration device that uses state-of-the-art technology.


1. How and when did you know you wanted to be a celebrity makeup artist?

I became a makeup artist when I was 20 years old but my interest in painting and drawing began when I was a child. My mom says I was very creative and used her nice white walls to draw on. I also stayed in her makeup case looking at products; from two years old she would have to pry me from it. As far as celebrities, that happened for me when I began to work more in music video and fashion show in NYC when I was 26.

2. What are some styles (makeup, hair, etc.) you foresee trending this year? 

Braided styles and fun short pixie cuts I believe will begin to trend more. There’s a huge influx of women wanting to look more natural and less overly done. I believe that even if women use weaving or extensions it will also be geared more towards natural hair textures.

3. Speaking of new looks, can you tell us a little bit about the journey you’ve recently begun with SmartGraft?

I had dreads for 15 years and from twisting and coloring, my hairline began to suffer. After I cut my dreads off in 2009 I noticed I had a lot of hair loss around my edges. I began to wear styles that masked and covered my hairline. After years of doing that I really realized that my self-esteem was suffering because of my hair loss so I began to research hair restoration solutions. Last year several clients of mine had the SmartGraft procedure done with huge success! I decided to go for it for myself.

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