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10-11-15 | Posted by

Sure you rely on your cosmetic brushes to apply your bronzer and smoky eye shadow, but you probably don’t think about them too much after that.

Good thing for you that Anisa Telwar Kaicker thinks about brushes… a lot. As president and founder of Anisa International, your brushes and beauty tools are her passion. The corporate name may not sound familiar to you, but her goods are sold under labels that likely do ring a bell –Estée Lauder, Sephora and MAC, to name a few.

Beauty In The Bag got the lowdown from Anisa on how to care for our cosmetic brushes and why it’s important that we do.

Here’s what we learned:


1. Why did you become interested in cosmetic brushes?

I have always been drawn to fashion and for me – fashion and cosmetics are so linked. My mother would travel internationally for the import/export business she owned and always bring back the most exotic fashions. Following in her footsteps, I started my own company in 1992 after meeting a foreign gentleman who agreed to let me market and distribute his hand-crafted cosmetic brushes.

2. Tell us three things we don’t know about cosmetic brushes?

  1. A carefully designed cosmetic brush is the best tool we can own for enhancing the looks we want or minimizing the things we want to conceal. They make all the difference when it comes to highlighting our best features.
  2. The cosmetic brushes that I design and manufacture are created entirely by the hands of skilled artisans. You cannot automate the traditional craftsmanship of a well-made brush.
  3. If you don’t care for and clean your brushes regularly, they will not properly perform the function they were designed to do.

3. Any tips on caring for cosmetic brushes? How often should we wash and how, for example?

If you want to truly protect your investment, I recommend a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning routine in addition to a monthly deep cleanse. For a quick refresh, I recommend using brush cleaning wipes which we recently partnered with a major beauty brand to develop. When it comes to a deep cleaning wash, I suggest using a cleanser designed specifically for the fibers of your brush heads.

4. Tell us about your product line — what makes it shine and where can we find them?

What makes our brushes so special is the fact that they are born out of collaborative partnerships I have formed with our clients. These existing relationships help to influence the design process. We work closely with our partners to create the most functional and fashionable brushes in the business. Some of the brands I am committed to and work closely with are prestige names such as Sephora, MAC, Smashbox, Estee Lauder, Bare Escentuals and more. Our brushes can be found wherever their products are sold.

5. What do you do to keep your skin healthy and glowing every day?

The most important thing I do is pay attention to what I am putting into my body. Our skin reflects our diet, sleep habits and attitude, so I try to stay healthy, well-rested and hydrated. I am all about good products, lots of hydration and overall health.

6. Tell us about the artisanal collection.

The artisanal collection, launched this year, is truly inspired by the heritage and tradition of Japanese artistry and brush making. A perfectly handcrafted brush features specific density to flexibility ratios, which is precisely what you find in this collection. These brushes allow women to take an everyday routine and turn it into an extraordinary ritual they enjoy and feel good about.

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