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12-25-11 | Posted by

Angelo David of New York’s Angelo David Salon has such a gift for creating natural hair color and extensions that he has been likened to an illusionist for hair. Hairdressing was a family business, but he first had to sow his wild bad boy oats before embracing his own talent. Once he got down to business, he developed a keen eye for color as well as a knack for creating natural looking hair extensions. Customization is everything for Angelo and he has developed Couture Extensions and Couture Color to find the hair that best suits his clients’ needs and lifestyle. Read on to learn more about Angelo and the inspiration that guides him.


Tell us a bit about your background. How did you know that hair was your calling?

Hair always has been part of my life. It played a huge part in the family business and my Italian upbringing. I grew up helping out my dad (who is a barber), so I am aware how the business works. Honestly, my heart initially wasn’t interested in the craft. Attending beauty school, however, allowed me to discover the artistic side of me. I realized that I have this talent, which sparked my further interest in hair styling.  From then on, I didn’t look back.

You specialize in Couture Extensions. How does this differ from regular extensions?

The beauty of Couture Extensions lies in “customization.” Our extensions are all hand-made and carefully crafted to fit your lifestyle. One can say the process is almost like getting the perfect wedding dress. We make sure the extensions we offer match your hair color, texture and wave to create the right fit. No two extensions are going to be same.

Who is a good candidate for extensions?

Typically, women with thinning hair will use extensions to add fullness in the hair. Nowadays, it seems extensions can be used by almost every one: women who are seeking to go from short to long or from fine hair to thick. Extensions are great for not only creating volume, but also adding life dimension to help improve your look. The stigma about extensions has significantly changed throughout the years. With celebrities openly admitting to using extensions to shake things up with their appearance, women are now open to embrace options when it comes to their hair.

What about Couture Color, what is its point of difference.

Couture Color is all about customizing color based on your own story. We don’t only look at your hair or your skin tone; we try to see the whole picture. We start with a lengthy consultation, discussing your past and current hair situation, together with the look you want to achieve. From those answers, we begin exploring options on what color will fit with your lifestyle. Every important factor is taken into consideration to make sure we get the color that is right for you.

What is the best way to keep color looking bright, fresh and natural?

I always recommend clients who just had their colored to allow 48-72 hours before washing their hair. Make sure to use lukewarm to cold water, and invest in hydrating and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Protecting your hair while styling to ensure color to last is key: a detangling spray (such as the Angelo David Long and Strong Detangler) and a heat protectant serum (Angelo David Zero Frizz Control) will defend hair from the harmful effects of hot styling tools.

What new hair technologies on the horizon really excite you?

With all the bad press about Brazilian hair straightening treatments going around, I am definitely looking forward to seeing other smoothing systems that yield the same result, without the use of formaldehyde. So far, there are a lot of promising products but I haven’t seen quite the same effect.

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