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02-10-19 | Posted by

Founder Andrea Dinnick took on the challenge of developing a plant-based skincare line that provided excellent benefits with mood-boosting qualities. She did extensive research around the world to find the right ingredients and her quest introduced her to prickly pear seed oil as a key ingredient. In case you didnt know, it has some of the highest antioxidants, tocopherols (vitamin E) and fatty acids out of any plant oil and its history was long and rich. Andrea wanted to create products that duplicate the feeling you get after meditation or a great yoga class when the alpha waves are active in your brain. Along with her talent designer sister Sarah Dinnick, DESAVERY was born.

Andrea talked with BITB and shared her unique journey to create her own skincare line.

1. What motivated you to create DESAVERY?

The desire at 50-years-old to put myself on the line and create something that was entirely mine. There’s a lot of me in this brand.

I’ve never been too extravagant when it comes to beauty cosmetics, but boy do I love a treat! So, for me, it’s always been about finding products that are both beautiful and effective, but also a really good value — not an easy feat in this complex world of beauty!

I always found it interesting the degree to which high-end skincare relied on fancy packaging and synthetic ingredients. As someone who once worked in broadcasting, those so-called “luxury” products conjured the famous TV expression, “smoke and mirrors.”

In the early days of DESAVERY, it became clear why the cosmetics industry depended so heavily on synthetic fragrances and ingredients over whole botanicals: because plant ingredients, while incredibly effective and very potent, don’t suit the large manufacturing needs for much of the beauty business. It was then I saw the opportunity to create sustainably sourced, small batch beauty with all-natural ingredients. It all came together with simple and beautiful packaging (which my sister designed!) and thoughtful formulas that tackle the specific skin goals of brightening, nourishing hydrating and all while enhancing the body’s biochemistry to improve overall mood.

2. What are some of the challenges and greatest achievements you’ve experienced on your journey of developing your own skincare line?

Without a doubt, my greatest achievement has been to tap into what many women want: streamlined skincare that’s highly effective and exclusively plant-based. When I hear from people that they use my products daily and can see a real difference in how they look and feel, it’s incredibly gratifying.

As for challenges, there are many! All DESAVERY products are comprised of ingredients that come from different parts of the world. The STELLAR Daily Serum is a good example; our prickly pear seed oil comes from Morocco, our frankincense comes from the Middle East, our clary sage comes from Bulgaria and the list goes on. It just takes one small mistake in the supply chain to halt the entire production process. I’m learning and getting more confident about bringing in large enough quantities to meet the demand of my customers.

3. What products are in your cosmetic bag and bathroom vanity?

DESAVERY plays a starring role in my daily skincare routine, in particular: the SMOOTH Hyaluronic Acid with Clary Sage and Bergamot; the STELLAR Daily Serum and the DREAM Oil Cleanser. Anytime there is a small defect in the bottle, it makes its way out of the inventory and up to my bathroom, so there is quite a collection of those three products!

I also am a fan of BITE Beauty and love the Agave Lip Mask. I am crazy about the Bite Beauty concept of ‘clean’ lip products but also love visiting their lip bar in NYC and Toronto. I have a lot of admiration for anyone who tries something different in beauty and ends up with great products and BITE has done that.

Beauty Edit Mayfair’s Brow Filler and Brow Setter are fantastic and since I have stopped colouring my hair, I find I really need to make sure my eyebrows are looking good otherwise I can look a little washed out especially because I don’t wear a lot of makeup during the day.

Olverum Bath Oil. Although this is in my bathroom, it’s hidden otherwise my kids will go through it and I love to know I have a nice treat waiting for me at the end of the day. The formula is based on an ancient spa recipe from Germany. It uses whole botanical oils like pine, lemon, lavender and it is stunning. Most people don’t realize that almost all the bath oils (even the expensive ones) have absolutely no real plant ingredients. There is something so multi-layered and complex when real botanicals are used and Olverum delivers a great product.

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