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01-14-18 | Posted by

It seems that everyone is constantly on-the-go these days, and according to Andi Black, creator of CAJ Beauty, looking and feeling beautiful should be a fun priority in a busy life.

Before becoming a full-time mom to her three children, Beau, Kyle and Cole, Andi’s career and life was an ever-changing journey. As a singer, tv personality, entrepreneur and daughter of a model, the pressure to “look good” was always present, but it was never defined by her own standards. A firm believer that women should have their best day, every day, Andi created the CAJ Beauty product line – Care Amplify Joy – for women to look gorgeous and feel confident without the need of expensive trips to the hair salon.

Her main goal: Redefine what beauty means by being the best version of you.

BITB spoke with Andi about the creation of CAJ beauty, upcoming haircare trends and her best tips to help women look beautiful and feel empowered.


1. CAJ Beauty sounds like a life-changer for women and their hair! How does it stand out from other haircare brands on the market?

I have been fortunate enough to have a career that has afforded me a lot of opportunities to work with some great professional stylists and makeup artists. Personally, I think there are few better feelings than knowing I look my best and being ready to take on my day. The driving factor behind the creation of CAJ Beauty was a desire to share this feeling and make it something that can be created at home, by any woman. The idea of feminine empowerment through self-confidence is a deep-seeded passion of mine. With this philosophy driving what we do at CAJ Beauty, every product created and every step of its development is committed to producing fabulous results with minimal effort while being accessible to every woman, and maintaining the integrity of natural beauty, inside and out.

2. What are some of the game-changing trends in haircare coming in the next few years?

There seems to be a real shift over the past few years in terms of what women are looking for in hair products and hair styling. Today’s woman knows more than ever just how valuable her time and efforts are. As a result, we are seeing a movement towards more natural trends and faster styling routines. Of course, the curly-haired gal will always want it straightened sometimes, and the straight-haired gal will want more body and shape. Volume is never going away, and neither is that coveted healthy shine, but I think the ability to easily play with our look in diverse ways is part of the fun of being a woman. Expect to see more diversity, rather than a go-to everyday style and expect the demand for meaningful products that promote healthier hair and practical styling. CAJ Beauty gets this movement, and we’re so on it, speaking to the trend with a full array of innovative products that promote healthier hair with endless styling possibilities for all hair types.

3. What are a few tricks you use and/or would recommend to other women to keep their locks looking and feeling beautiful?

Do your research, ladies! Today’s market has so much to offer in terms of hair and beauty. Don’t settle for the convenience of something of a drug-store shelf. Look at key ingredients and technology callouts. My personal favorite hot ingredient right now and one in many of our CAJ Beauty products is Hyaluronic Acid. This key ingredient that was once limited to high-end skincare products attracts and holds water molecules up to 100x the size of one HA molecule. When formulated into our products, it creates a plumping effect on the hair shaft and helps maintain hair’s moisture for high-shine, voluminous hair.

Also, stop using elastic bands to pull your hair back! I know we all like a cute-messy bun and I know plenty of people who are die-hard for their ponytails, but there are much better alternatives. When you constrict the hair shaft with an elastic band, the moisture is pushed out, and the hair becomes brittle. This will eventually cause breakage around the hairline and during styling. Instead, try elastic alternatives like a hair clip or even a pencil in a pinch. Your hair will thank you.

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