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One of the first celebrity brow stylists, founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Anastasia Soare has a lot to say about…well, perfect eyebrows. It is all about shape, form, and proportion, concepts she learned working as an apprentice in her parent’s tailoring shop in Constanta, Romania. Today, she has extended her reach from Beverly Hills and Los Angeles to Anastasia Brow Studios at select Nordstrom, Sephora, and international locations, as well as her own line of brow and skincare products.


As “The Definitive Eyebrow Expert,” please tell us which celebrity’s eyebrows are hot right now and how our readers can achieve them?

Cara Cara Cara!  My new favorite model, Cara Delevingne, has a bold brow that I am in love with. Bold brows make your face look more youthful and add sophistication to your look. Cara’s bold brows work perfectly with her features, but readers can get a bold brow that works with their own face shape by using my Stencils and Brow Powder Duo.  They work with your natural bone structure to determine the ideal shape for your face and create a bold brow that’s easy to achieve.

What are your dos and don’ts of eyebrow maintenance?

Do: Go to a professional brow shaper for your long-term brow maintenance. A good brow artist understands what shapes work with different faces and has a steady hand when it comes to waxing a tweezing.

Don’t: OVER TWEEZE! Over tweezing is the most common problem I see with my clients.  It is so easy to do, given the fact that two or three hairs can make or break an eyebrow. Make sure that you don’t use a magnifying mirror when tweezing your eyebrows, and always draw a guideline with an eyebrow pencil to determine your ideal brow shape BEFORE you start to tweeze.  I use Brow Wiz on my clients to draw their idea brow, and then tweeze outside my designed area.

How has your experience of growing up in Romania as an apprentice in your parents’ tailoring shop influenced your outlook on beauty?

Working in my parents’ tailoring shop gave me an acute understanding of shape, form, and proportion. It allowed me to realize the importance of all of these aspects when making beautiful clothes or brows. It was in that shop that I first realized I loved design and first learned the meaning of hard work. My mother is a brilliant designer and one of the most dedicated workers I have ever met. She instilled the values of hard work, education, and attention to detail that shaped the way I approach my career and transform my clients. She taught me that everyone and everything is beautiful and that it was a designer’s job to figure out what works for each person.

Your new products are Covet Waterproof Eyeliners, the Bold & Beautiful Kit, and HYPERCOLORâ„¢ Brow & Hair Powder. Please tell us a little about each and why they stand out in the market today.

In my opinion, Covet is great because it lasts all day, glides on smoothly, and even applies perfect color inside the waterline without budging. I am obsessed with it. It stands out in the cosmetic market because it actually delivers the color it promises, without fading, smudging, or flaking off. It doesn’t drag when applying and can even be blended before drying down. It’s a wonder-pencil.

HYPERCOLOR™ Brow & Hair Powder is a wipe-on wash-out color gives you instant streaks or ombre hair without having to do a permanent treatment. You can get the trend you love in seconds, and wash it out as whenever you’d like. It stands out in the market because it is not merely a hair chalk.  HYPERCOLOR™ is a cosmetic grade powder with more payoff, a brighter finish, and can even be used on the brows and eyes to bring your look to the next level.

I love this little Bold & Beautiful Kit for the brows and eyes. It contains a brow powder, brow pomade, tweezers, and four eye shadows to create perfect eyebrows and glamorous eyes anytime you’d like. I think it’s really gorgeous and looks amazing on your vanity or in a bag. Its convenient size allows you to take your look from day to night in just a few easy steps.  The colors are versatile and can be layered to create the ideal look for any occasion.

What are some spring makeup trends you’re looking forward to this year?

COLOR COLOR COLOR!  I am looking forward to seeing some amazing pinks, blues, and even reds in makeup this year.  I love neutrals, but there is something exciting when it comes to seeing a beautiful new shade of liner or shadow. I cannot wait!

If you were stranded on a desert island, what would be your must-have beauty product?

Clear Brow Gel. There is no other product that I must have in my bag at all times. Even when I don’t have time for any other makeup, Clear Brow Gel instantly defines and sets my eyebrow shape and makes me look and feel pulled together.

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